Wicked Satays

Once in a while I get cravings for Malaysian food. So what am I craving for this time? I am craving for satays! It has been a while since my last trip back home and I must admit that it is hard to find a place serving authentic satays in Perth. After stumbling upon Wicked Satays on Instagram (Wicked Satays is a new addition to Victoria Park which has just been opened for business 4 weeks ago), my family and I decided to give Wicked Satays a try.

We started off with a Beef Murtabak ($9). Murtabak is a wrapped roti (Indian crepe) filled with minced meat with eggs and onion. The murtabak was crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the inside. The filling was stuffed neatly into the murtabak dough with a great marriage of subtle flavours. It was put together perfectly. Overall, I thought that the Murtabak was well executed. 


Beef Murtabak

We also shared a Mi Rebus ($8). The Mi Rebus consists of yellow noodles served with a thick potato-based gravy and garnished with hard boiled eggs, topped with fried shallots, bean sprouts, tau kwa (fried beancurd) and cut chillies. The Mi Rebus was delicious. The gravy was thick, rich and flavoursome and the yellow noodles were cooked perfectly. It was lovely.


Mi Rebus

As Wicked Satay’s speciality is authentic satay grilled over charcoal, you cannot leave Wicked Satays without ordering satays! We ordered 30 satay sticks ($43), with 15 chicken and 15 beef satays from the satay crazy sets. All satay crazy sets also comes with satay sauce, cucumber and onions. You can also order rice cakes for $2 a serve. The chicken and beef satays were cooked to perfection. It was full of flavour, tender and juicy. It is quite hard to find good satays in Perth but I think the satays at Wicked Satays is pretty close to satays I usually have back home in KL.


Chicken Satay


Beef Satay


To complement our satay feast, we ordered a jug of  Teh Tarik/Pulled Tea ($6). The Teh Tarik was smooth and was not too sweet. It was a great winter warmer for the cold night.


Teh Tarik/Pulled Tea

Wicked Satays also makes a great place to catch up with friends while sharing and indulging in a plate of satays. With deliciously wicked satays and food, decent prices and friendly service, Wicked Satays is truly a hidden gem. Looks like I may have found a place to go to satisfy my satay cravings! Wicked Satays, I’ll be back! 🙂

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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7 thoughts on “Wicked Satays

  1. Damnnnnn. I leave so near yet I never knew there was such a place! I was looking up Pappa Rich opening and stumbled across this post of yours! I love my mee rebus when I am home in Malaysia! Seems like they are missing that crunchy “cucur udang” on the top. But if the sauce is good, that is all that matters :)!

    1. I only found out about Wicked Satays through Instagram 😉 It’s really great to see a lot more authentic Malaysian restaurants opening around Perth 🙂 Great to fulfill those cravings! Oh yes, the cucur udang will be the icing on the cake for sure 🙂

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