Located in the heart of Subiaco is Equateur. Equateur is a celebration of exotic cuisine from the Reunion Islands with influences from India, China, France, Madagascar and Africa under one roof. As mum’s birthday was approaching soon, I was lucky to book a table for dad, mum, Matt and I at Equateur. When we first arrived at Equateur, we were welcomed by a red carpet, followed by a red carpet service from the friendly and delightful owner, Mickael Maillot. 

As we were there on a quiet Thursday evening, there were no other tables throughout the whole night apart for ours. I jokingly told mum – “Looks like we have the whole restaurant to ourselves for your birthday”. According to Mickael, it was very unusual for a Thursday evening to be very quiet as they are usually packed to capacity, especially the weekends. Yes, bookings are highly recommended as there are only 20 seats!

Equateur only does Set Menus and we were presented with two options to choose from: Option 1 which consists of  a three course meal for $60 per person. I repeat, $60 per person! Option 2 is a two course meal for $49 per person. In the end, all of us went for the three course meal. Oh and menu changes every month and a half so be sure to check out Equateur’s Facebook for updates!

We started off with a Mise En Bouche which is a Pumpkin and Turmeric soup. The soup was a heart warmer. It was thick, creamy and flavoursome.


 Mise En Bouche

Dad had the Assiete Creole deep fried served with a red cabbage salad and french dressing. The Assiete Creole was deep fried to perfection and it was crispy on the outside with a good crunch factor. The red cabbage salad was fresh and the sweetness of the french dressing complemented well with the assiete creole.


Assiete Creole

I had the Arancini filled with snapper served with a vegetable achard. The Arancini was full of flavour – it was lovely, crispy and tasty. Together with the vegetable achard, it gave a punch of freshness and acidity to the arancini.


 Arancini filled with snapper

Matt and mum had the Pumpkin and choko gratin with parmesan cheese and tiger prawns. The tiger prawns which were floating in the sea of parmesan cheese were fresh and cooked to perfection. Melted cheese and tiger prawns? Yum!


 Pumpkin and choko gratin with parmesan cheese and tiger prawns

Next up were our mains – round 2. Dad, Matt and I had the Lamb Navarin which was flavoured with ginger and served with a butter nut mousseline. The Lamb was the star of the night. It was juicy and tender and the meat came apart easily. It was well cooked. The butter nut mousseline was creamy and soft. Put it together with the tender lamb and you get a matchmake in heaven. Oh so delicious.


 Lamb Navarin flavoured with ginger served with a butter nut mousseline

As mum loves her rice, she went for the Creole Prawn Curry which was flavoured with kafir lime and turmeric, served with a yellow turmeric rice and lemon chilli salsa. Mum enjoyed her prawn curry and thought that it was bursting with flavour. The yellow turmeric rice and lemon chilli salsa blends well together with the Creole Prawn Curry like it was meant to be.


 Creole Prawn Curry flavoured with kafir lime/turmeric served with a yellow turmeric rice and lemon chilli salsa

So far, so good. We were all impressed and very satisfied with our entrees and mains and were looking forward to dessert! Matt and I had the Fondant au Chocolat which was served with passionfruit coulis. The best part was slicing through the chocolate fondant and thick chocolate lava erupts carefully and flows down smoothly. Full of chocolatey goodness. It was perfect.  A 10/10.


Fondant au chocolat served with passionfruit coulis

 Mum had the Coconut and Kafir Lime Creme Brulee which was served with a seasonal fruit smoothie. Like the chocolate fondant, the Creme Brulee was executed well – smooth and silky in texture, topped with a thin layer of caramel. The light, delicate and subtle flavours from the coconut and kafir lime together gives the creme brulee its freshness and sweetness. It was a dessert which felt like summer is coming soon!


 Coconut/kafir lime creme brulee served with a seasonal fruit smoothie

Dad had the Crispy poached apple flavoured with cinnamon and rum served with vanilla cream. Equateur has taken it to a whole new level here with its crispy poached apple. Crisp from the outside but when you sink your teeth in, you can feel the soft textures of the poached apple together with its sweetness and its combination of cinnamon and rum flavours.


Crispy poached apple flavoured with cinnamon and rum served with vanilla cream.

All of us enjoyed and had a great dining experience from the start to the end together with good food, service and a nice atmosphere. With soft music playing in the background, crimson interiors, white tablecloths, the scene has been set. Equateur is perfect for all occasions whether it is to celebrate that special day, a romantic date or for dinner with friends. Perth needs more hidden gems like this and Equateur is one of Subiaco’s hidden and precious gems.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

Equateur on Urbanspoon

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