Ingredient Tree

Just after a CxWorx and BodyAttack class back to back, Matt and I decided to head to Ingredient Tree for brunch. Quite similar to Pimlott & Strand, Ingredient Tree is not only a cafe. Ingredient Tree is also a one stop shop for sourcing your ingredients. Again, feel free to have a browse after having breakfast or lunch at the cafe. Oh, and they do sell Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream too! (I think Ingredient Tree was one of the first stores in Perth to stock Ben and Jerry’s actually)

I had the French Toast ($17) which was served with seasonal fruit compote and creme fraiche. I love French Toast, so it was not hard to make up my mind on what to order. But I must say, the menu at Ingredient Tree looks good. The French Toast was very light and fluffy, which complements the fruit compote and creme fraiche well. A sweet start to the day.


French Toast

Matt had the Salmon & Witlof ($19) which consists of smoked salmon, grilled witlof, poached eggs, lemon and dill butter sauce with fresh picked herbs, served with toasted sourdough. Here is Matt’s review of the dish: The presentation was as good as it gets and overall the dish was nice with each little bit complimenting each other well. The poached eggs were cook perfectly, and it always puts a smile on your face when you watch it explode and drip all over the dish. The salt and lemon infused “sprouts” were a nice touch to finish the dish. Overall, I enjoyed eating the dish.


Salmon & Witlof

We went to Ingredient Tree just before the peak lunch hour. During the weekdays, it can actually get busy during lunchtimes which shows how popular Ingredient Tree is, although it is in the middle of the Wembley suburb. For all those coffee lovers out there, I hear they serve good coffee.  Another plus is that Ingredient Tree also serves all day breakfast too! Considering how near it is to where I live, I will definitely be back to Ingredient Tree again.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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