From hearing about the famous ramen in Fremantle Markets, I have always wanted to try Dosukoi. Fortunately, there was another Dosukoi ramen store which has just been opened recently at Allendale Square in Perth CBD. (much nearer to home!) It’s a manga lovers heaven as you are greeted by shelves of manga while slurping your ramen noodles. It also feels like as if you are in one of those small restaurants in the middle of Tokyo! As I grew up reading manga and watching anime, I was able to spot a few of the manga which I am familiar with on the shelves. The store seats only 14 people so yes, it can get busy during lunchtime. Not to fret, the service is very quick, efficient and polite. If there are not enough seats, you are allowed to take your ramen to the food court nearby.


It’s a manga lovers heaven

I had the No.4 which is the Soft Pork on top and ramen noodle soup in bowl with a soy sauce base ($9.90) (You can choose from soy sauce, miso or salt based for the soup). One spoon and I was hooked! The ramen was so delicious and the soup was full of flavour, that I ended up drinking the whole bowl of soup leaving the bowl spotless at the end.


Soft Pork on top and ramen noodle soup in bowl with a soy sauce base

Mum had the No.7 which is the Japanese vegetables on top and Soba (buckwheat) noodle soup in bowl. ($8.25) Mum enjoyed her dish too and thought that it was tasty but she still prefers the ramen which I had.


Japanese vegetables on top and Soba (buckwheat) noodle soup in bowl

My verdict? Yes I will be back to Dosukoi and I can’t wait for my next visit to slurp on some yummy and authentic ramen again! And YAY for lunch under $10 to keep your belly happy!

Dosukoi is opened weekdays at Allendale Square and they are closed during the weekends. You will find Dosukoi at Fremantle Markets on the weekends.

Mel’s rating : mmmmm (take me to foodie heaven)

Dosukoi on Urbanspoon


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