Ipoh’s Corner

One fine day, mum and I were craving for nasi briyani and nasi lemak. As usual, we head to Innaloo Oriental to buy nasi briyani for lunch but found out they don’t sell it there anymore as they have opened a restaurant which was Ipoh’s Corner. As keen as we were, we went there for dinner! In case you are wondering what Ipoh is, Ipoh is the capital city of Perak state in Malaysia and is located north of Kuala Lumpur.

It was a Friday night and there were quite a few tables occupied but we were greeted with a smile and an efficient service. Not long after being seated, our meals arrived. I had the chicken briyani in the claypot ($15)  and it was really good. It also comes with the papadum, mango chutney, fresh raita and kurma curry. I thought that it was a generous portion but surprisingly, I managed to finished it all because it was that amazing and maybe I was having a good appetite after a long week!


Mum ordered the nasi lemak ($9.90)  and it was as good as the chicken briyani. Overall, the nasi lemak and chicken briyani was definitely authentic Malaysian Indian. I would recommend these two dishes if you happen to go to Ipoh’s Corner.Image

Because it was so good, we decided to head for lunch to Ipoh’s Corner with dad on another day. Mum and dad had the combination set meal where you can choose to have a choice of one or two meat curry, one vegetable side dish, dhal and papadum. I had a taste test and the meat curry was really good! There is a variety of meat curries to choose from so I suggest to try the lamb and fish curry.


I, myself decided to have a lighter lunch so I won’t fall asleep in the afternoon lecture. I had the Roti Canai with Dhal. The dhal and roti canai was also quite delicious. The fluffiness of the roti and the goodness of the dhal made the dish a matchmake in heaven.


I would highly recommend Ipoh’s Corner if you are after authentic Malaysian Indian food. Definitely ticks all of the boxes for me which means I will definitely be back in the future to satisfy my cravings! 😀

P.S. They have curry fish head too…..

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