Lunch at Gordon St. Garage, West Perth

Woke up to a late morning on Anzac Day and decided to head for brunch. As a frequent minded person, I could not decide where to go. Dad gave me a few choices but Gordon St. Garage came to mind. So we decided to give it a try!

When we arrived, we were greeted by an aroma of coffee and a queue……but it was not as long as Jamie’s Italian (I can hear your sighs of relief!) After the mini queue, we were seated and given tap water in a metal jug, which I thought was interesting.

As we did not want to have a heavy lunch, we decided to share the dishes among ourselves. So we had the Hunter’s Pizza ($24) which consists of salami, prosciutto, truffle and mushroom. Dad, mum and I thought it was very good and the flavours just blended in so nicely together. If you are heading to Gordon St. Garage for lunch, I would recommend the Hunter’s Pizza.


The antipasto arrived shortly after the pizza along with some turkish bread. Overall, dad, mum and I agreed that it was as good as the pizza.

IMG_2158To finish off our main course, we had the BBQ Rubbed Pork Belly with the Granny Smith Apple Sauce ($34). Compared to the other two dishes we had, the pork belly was not as good as the pizza and antipasto. When you sink your teeth into the crackling, you expect it to be crispy and crunchy right? But in the pork belly we had, the crackling was really hard so we had to leave out the crackling. Overall, I think it was only an average dish.


Here comes my favourite part: The desserts which I have eyed on while walking to our table. It was a hard decision choosing which desserts to go for because they all look so good! The pineapple and coconut panna cotta (on the left) tastes like a bottle of goodness. The raspberry mousse (on the right) was so heavenly that it just melts in your mouth. Each dessert costs around $10-$12 and I will definitely recommend trying out the desserts. Dad and mum ordered the coffee and they thought it was really good too.


Overall I quite enjoy Gordon St. Garage and the service was not too bad eventhough there were some hits and a miss. I am not too sure myself if I were to return in the future because it is a bit on the expensive side but I would love to try their breakfast someday. Maybe I will return for coffee and cake. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Lunch at Gordon St. Garage, West Perth

  1. Yummmmyy! Looks good Mel! Can’t believe your family of three can eat so much but it’s a good first food post! (: keep it up! (: would love to see more and someday u can bring me to the places u recommend! 😀

  2. Thanks for your kind comment Siti! 🙂 Haha it’s not that much really, we were all just sharing! There will definitely be more soon….I will keep you all posted 🙂 Thanks for your support!

  3. Well done & good start to your food blog, Mel – perhaps you should include star ratings but instead of ‘star’ you could use the letter ‘m’ (for obvious reason – m for mel or yummy) instead for eg. m or poor, mm for average, mmm for good & mmmm for excellent! Good luck…..’Hailam Kia’

    1. Thanks Uncle Wai Ching! I will have a thought about your suggestion but that is an excellent idea! Might have to include that in my future posts. Thanks for your suggestion! 🙂

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