Of Malaysian Hawker food and Vietnamese stuffed chicken wings

I have been asked very often why do I always go to Subiaco Station Street Markets for lunch. The answer is simple. It’s because there is a large variety of food there whether it’s Mexican, Malaysian, Vietnamese, German, Greek and so on. Most weekends and some Sundays after work, my family and I will always be at Subiaco Markets for lunch and to buy fruits and vegetables.

Before dad heads for golf and I go for my afternoon lecture, we decided to have lunch at the markets. As usual, dad ordered the deep fried stuffed chicken wings for our entree from Saigon Express . Other than the Vietnamese rice paper rolls, the deep fried stuffed chicken wings are always selling out like hot cakes. The stuffed chicken wings was just sublime and they are finger licking good. This is probably one of the best places in Perth to nail this delicacy.


And so, the craving for Malaysian food hits again.

We ordered the Wanton noodles with Duck which is on the Specials and Char Kway Teow as usual from Hawkers’ Delight. (Every weekend I’m there, there’s definitely a Char Kway Teow ordered from us). The Wanton noodles with Duck was amazing and the texture of the duck meat was tender. This was definitely new on the specials as I have not seen it before.


As usual, the Char Kway Teow never fails dad, mum and I and is very popular among their customers. What is special about this Char Kway Teow is that pork lard is added which makes it tasty. With every bite of the noodle, you can feel the crunchiness of the tiny pork lards. For me it was a bit spicy (I can’t take spicy food to an extent) but it was still bearable.

ImageDining at Hawker’s Delight always makes me feel as if I am back in Malaysia and sitting at the hawker stall savouring Malaysian delicacies. I recommend you to try Hawker’s Delight for Malaysian Hawker style food and the Deep Fried Chicken Wings from the Vietnamese. Keep a lookout for the next post, because it will be on Juancho’s, the Mexican stall (which I also frequent very often!)

By the way, from now on I will be adding ratings at the end of the blog (Thanks Uncle Wai Ching for the suggestion!) So instead of ‘star’ ratings, I will use the letter ‘m’ which stands for mel or yummy. (m=poor, mm=average, mmm=good, mmmm=excellent) So the more m there is, the more delicious it is. 🙂 Let me know what you think!

The overall rating of the food today is (*drum rolls*) mmmm.

Hawkers Delight on UrbanspoonSaigon Express on Urbanspoon


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