Bing Go Street Food

Brace yourselves Perth, for the new bing craze is coming near you! Recently, I was invited by Sean Gentry, the co-owner of Bing Go Street Food to give some of these bings a try at one of their stores. Bing comes from Jianbing, a crepe made and sold by street vendors in Beijing. It is a thin crepe lined with egg and a selection of fresh ingredients prepared hot and fresh while you wait. For this visit, I brought my two friends along, Tracy and Reka for lunch at Bing Go located at the food court of Enex100 in Perth city. Tracy … Continue reading Bing Go Street Food

Chefs Gallery

After our little adventure exploring around Sydney CBD, it was time for dinner at Chefs Gallery. To be on the safe side, I made a booking for the three of us on Dimmi a few days before as I heard that the restaurant can be quite packed, even on a weeknight. We arrived at Chefs Gallery Town Hall at 8.30pm and the restaurant was quite busy indeed. The menu had a wide selection of food. It was tough to decide what to order but in the end, we settled for a few dishes to share while leaving some room for … Continue reading Chefs Gallery

Chin Chin

After our light meal or I should perhaps say “Starters” at Shanghai Street Dumplings, we took a short walk to Chin Chin which is located along Flinders Lane. Our initial plan was to have dinner at Chin Chin on Sunday evening. However, when we arrived at 7.30pm on a Sunday evening at Chin Chin, there was a long queue and we were told that we could only be seated by 8.45 pm which was a bit late. So, we decided to arrive early around 6pm for an early dinner at Chin Chin for an early night before leaving to Sydney … Continue reading Chin Chin

Shanghai Street Dumplings

After an hour’s walk (yes, we are walking again!) from Burch and Purchese in South Yarra, our tummies were making a familiar rambling sound again. It’s time for….MORE FOOD!! We came to our decisions quickly based on a recommendation from a friend and from hearing many good reviews, we decided to head back to Little Bourke Street in Melbourne city to enjoy some Shanghai Dumplings or Xiao Long Bao at Shanghai Street Dumplings. We arrived at Shanghai Street Dumplings 20 minutes early before it opens so we decided to spend that 20 minutes window shopping at the massive H&M store … Continue reading Shanghai Street Dumplings

Darlings Supper Club

Located in the heart of Northbridge, Darlings Supper Club is an Asian fusion inspired restaurant and bar brought to you by the man behind Varnish on King and The Flour Factory, Andy Freeman and Sam Astbury. During the past few months, Darlings Supper Club has taken the feedback and reviews onboard to revamp and come back with some new additions to the kitchen. This also included firing five chefs in three months and bringing three new chefs with their amazing expertise and flair to the Supper Club. There’s Head Chef Joel Robert, ‘The Chopper’ joining the team fresh from Iron … Continue reading Darlings Supper Club