Modern Japanese with a Peruvian twist at Tsukaya

Located in the heart of Mount Hawthorn is Tsukaya where the food is modern Japanese with a Peruvian twist.

The Head Chef at Tsukaya is Pepe Tsukayama who is of Japanese and Peruvian descent with over 25 years experience as a sushi chef.  He has trained and worked in Tokyo for 13 years, worked under Nobu Matsuhisa in his flagship restaurant Matsuhisa Beverly Hills and recently, at Nobu Perth as Head Sushi Chef.

We started off with Tsukaya’s Tuna Poke which comprised of tuna, gochujang, yuzu ponzu, crispy lotus chips, avocado and spicy mayo. From the get go, we immediately fell in love with this dish. It had every texture you can think of from the fresh tuna to the creamy avocado and crispy lotus chips! There’s sweetness and there’s spice. So much flavour.


On the night, we were lucky to have the last serve of the chef’s special, Tomatoes and Burrata. It was absolutely delicious. There’s fresh sweet flavours from the tomatoes bursting in your mouth which complemented well with the soft, creamy burrata. What a delight!


For the sushi roll, we had the double salmon. Double salmon is double the happiness! Yes, we love our salmon! The flame-seared salmon gave a delicious and smokey flavour and the spicy mayo added a hint of spice to the sushi roll.


If you love mushrooms, you will love the Kinoko Gohan. The Kinoko Gohan consisted of sauteed shimeji, enoki and oyster mushrooms, kombu and shiitake dashi rice, topped with parmesan shavings. This dish was bursting full of earthy flavours from the mushrooms and the parmesan shavings added a cheesy touch to the dish.


The Black Cod Miso was also one of the specials on the night. It was simply melt in your mouth with a delicate flavour of sweet and savoury from the miso. Stunning.


We ordered another special which was the Saikyo Wagyu Beef. The beef was cooked perfectly to juicy and tender with a hint of smoky notes. Each bite was very enjoyable.


While waiting for our food to arrive, we could not help but noticed bowls of fries that flew past our table. We decided to order a serve of Umami Fries. If you did not know what Umami is, Umami is also known as the savoury taste which is one of the five basic tastes together with sweet, sour, bitter and salty. If you are at Tsukaya, the Umami Fries is a must order. It is just amazing. I can’t say more, you have to try it for yourself 😉


We finished off our dinner with the Octopus Anticucho which comprised of grilled octopus, crispy potato, aji panca and aji amarillo (Peruvian chilli) sauce. The Anticucho is a classic Peruvian dish. The octopus was grilled to perfection and the dish was so flavourful with a nice spicy kick!


Because we fell in love with Tsukaya after our first visit, we decided to celebrate mum’s birthday there a few days after. Yes, that is how good Tsukaya was that we returned a few days after our first visit! With quality and sensational food along with warm, friendly service, Tsukaya is one of the best Japanese and Peruvian food in Perth! Highly recommend!
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