Enjoying ginger everyday with The Ginger People

The Ginger People knows ginger best and nobody does ginger quite like The Ginger People do!

Established for over 30 years. The Ginger People is born from Bruce and Abbie Leeson’s passion for ginger, creating ginger treats, sweets and drinks. The best ginger taken from growing ginger regions in the world are used as The Ginger People’s products’ key ingredients. It’s organic with no GMOs and nothing artificial.

We were thankful to be given the opportunity to try a four products by The Ginger People. We had the Organic Minced Ginger, Organic Ginger Juice, Uncrystallised Bare Ginger and Ginger Soother.

The Uncrystallised Bare Ginger comprised of a velvety smooth and fibreless chunks of succulent baby ginger with no surface sugar. I loved how we are able to just consume the uncrystallised bare ginger easily as a snack straight from the bag. It’s smooth in texture with a lovely hint of ginger.

The Ginger Soother is The Ginger People’s award-winning product. With one sip, I loved how nourishing and soothing the Ginger Soother was. There was a great flavour in combination from the punchy Peruvian ginger juice, zesty lemon and a hint of sweetness from pure honey, making it super easy to drink. The Ginger Soother is perfect all year round and it’s a great stomach soother and immune booster in winter. The best part? You can enjoy it either hot or cold!

the ginger people.jpg

We have used the Organic Minced Ginger and Organic Ginger Juice from the Organic Pantry Essentials. The Organic Minced Ginger is a recipe-ready chopped ginger that you can use in the place of raw ginger in stir fry, curries, marinades and dressings. Like the Organic Minced Ginger, the Organic Ginger Juice is also recipe-ready product that you could add to tea, salads, stir fry or sauces or even drink directly as a healthy boost! I have used the organic minced ginger as a salad dressing and loved how it added an extra boost of fresh ginger flavour to our salads. For the organic ginger juice, I have tried adding it to teas and juices. My mum have also splashed some ginger juice when steaming fish too! It’s quick, easy and time saving giving food a flavoursome ginger flavour. Overall, I loved the versatility of the ginger products from the Organic Pantry Essentials where you could use it easily in any type of cooking.

In Australia The Ginger People range is widely available from Coles, IGA and other independent supermarkets, Healthy Life, Go Vita and leading health, organic and vitamin stores, and pharmacies nationwide. For further information and details of your nearest stockist, visit The Ginger People online at www.gingerpeople.com.au

We would like to thank The Ginger People and Sam Jennings PR for the opportunity to try the ginger products!


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