Kizuki Ramen

Perth’s ramen scene is getting bigger and better. Last year, Kizuki Ramen opened in Perth and it has taken over the previous home of Shiro Izakaya. Last Thursday, mum and I head to Kizuki ramen for to get our ramen fix before doing our shopping.

Kizuki ramen opens at 11.30am and we were one of the first customers of the day. As we haven’t been to Kizuki before, we were told by the friendly staff that the ordering system is through iPads which were set up near the entrance. After looking through the menu, we placed our orders through the iPad and paid for our meals before we were seated.

I had the Shio Ramen with an added egg ($2.00) which comprises of french sea salt, kelp, bonito, pork and chicken base for $14. You can also choose from a choice of Traditional or Low Sodium broth. I opted for the Traditional broth and the broth was not too salty for me. I enjoyed my ramen and thought that it was really tasty and the broth was full of flavour. My favourite which everyone who has been to has to agree is the egg. It’s firm outside but inside, it’s gooey just the way I like it.



Mum had the Double Rich Tonkotsu Ramen ($18.50) which comprises of a specialty extra-rich shoyu-flavoured pork broth with lots of garlic. We were told by our waitperson that some customers found the broth too salty so we had a choice of going with the traditional or low sodium broth. Mum decided to give the traditional broth a try and did not find it too salty for her. I guess it depends on individual preference. I had a taste of the double rich tonkotsu ramen and the broth was rich in flavour from combination of pork broth and garlic. The texture of the noodles itself were spot on too.


Overall, we really enjoyed our ramen experience slurping down the scrumptious bowl of noodles and finishing our broth leaving a clean, empty bowl. Oishii! I would really love to be back to Kizuki ramen again to get my ramen fix. Oh and not forgetting the egg too!
Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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