Alfred’s Pizzeria

A few weeks ago, we were invited by Michael, the man behind Frisk and Alfred’s to check out the newly opened small bar and pizzeria, Alfred’s Pizzeria.

Arrive at 37 Barrack Street. Step right through the door with the wallpaper of the iconic red telephone box. Yes, you are definitely at the right place. Down the stairs you go and it leads you to a bar filled with a huge variety of spirits. You name it, they have it. Just beside the bar, you could see Chef Ben behind the scenes making the pizzas. Michael envisioned Alfred’s Pizzeria to adopt an American-Italian mobster theme bar taking the “New York gangster” inspiration as the decor. Take a look around you and there’s plenty to see. From actual newspapers as the wallpaper including Kennedy’s assassination to photos of mugshots including the photogenic, Jeremy Meeks.


While waiting for our pizzas, Michael gave us an insight of making the pizzas and the ingredients. According to Michael, the dough comprised of different blends of flour. The dough is proofed for 48 hours to allow the yeast in the flour to develop its flavours and pockets of air to develop the dough. This process makes the dough light in flavour and easy to digest. Together with Michael’s knowledge acquired from the guidance of Gabriele Bonci, the ‘Michelangelo of Pizza’ and chef Ben’s experience, they have created a range of delicious pizzas using fresh ingredients sourced from Italy such as the flour, cheese and tomato.


During our visit, we had two pizzas – The Frisky and Betty Rizzo (love the names of the pizzas on the menu!). I absolutely fell in love with the truffled ricotta on The Frisky. It was smooth, light in flavour and melt in your mouth delicious, complementing well with the saltiness of the prosciutto. However, the stand out component of the pizzas were the base. It was light, fluffy with a slight crisp around the edges. If you like some heat and kick in your pizza, the Diemen’s Stinger gluten free hot sauce is available for a spicy kick.


We had some good booze to go along with our pizzas while listening to great rock n roll music just like an old American gangster who loved pizza, rock n roll music and good booze which was where Alfred’s Pizzeria got its name from. Elwyn had some beers with his pizza and for me, I had a refreshing Lime Martini.


Long day at work? After work drinks? I highly recommend a visit to Alfred’s Pizzeria for drinks and good pizzas. Alfred’s Pizzeria is open 7 days a week from 3pm-12am.

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