Fremantle Frolicking with Food Loose Tours

Catch a train ride from Perth CBD and you arrive in the historic port city of Fremantle. It’s a city bursting full of life with plenty of history, a buzzing art scene, a foodie hub, aromatic coffee and historic architectures. Recently, I attended the new fabulous Fremantle Frolic tour by Food Loose Tours along with some of Perth’s foodies ((@perthfoodette, @honestchild, @perthfoodies, @perthtodo) to celebrate Food Loose’s first birthday.

We started off the tour indulging in delicious jaffles and tasty coffee at Studio 37, a coffee bar located in PSAS’s art studio. While sipping our coffees and saying “mmmm” to those jaffles, we took this opportunity to get to know each other and was excited to see what’s next on the tour. IMG_9909


As we walked past the historic streets of Fremantle, Justin guided us about Fremantle’s history as the first settlement in Western Australia. Our next stop was the Raw Kitchen. Here we tasted samples of dairy free ice creams and healthy, refreshing smoothies.



After the Raw Kitchen, we stopped by the Modern Eatery, which was just a short walk away. We were given some samples and a quick demonstration of how Modern Eatery’s famous aburi salmon oshi sushi were made along with their signature roll, “Fry Me To The Moon”.  IMG_9928

IMG_9935 IMG_9947

After filling up our tummies with delectable sushi from The Modern Eatery, we headed towards Wray Avenue to Galati & Co. At Galati & Co., we participated in an activity and divided ourselves into groups of three with the aim to search for as many products as we can from the list we were given. Did we succeed in finding everything? Yes and no.

We took a walk to the Freo Doctor after Galati & Co. Here we took part in a beer and wine tasting by Young Henry’s and Flametree wines. Lunch was served with thanks to Galati & Co for their produce and gourmet treats. From there, we took a break catching up with each other while reflecting on different parts of the tour.



We head back towards the city of Fremantle and finished off the tour with champagne at the Strange Company, a new small bar in Fremantle. It was a fun and enjoyable 3.5 hours touring the city of Fremantle, learning about the historic city and it’s hidden gems and also getting to know fellow Food Loosers. Oh, and not forgetting the amazing food too! For more information about the Fremantle Frolic Food Loose Tours – check out their website:

I would like to thank Justin for the invitation to attend the Fremantle Frolic Food Loose tour. Keep up with the great job you are doing now! 🙂

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