Riki Kaspi’s Spice Journey Range

Tired of cooking the same old dishes? Want to try something different? Do you love Moroccan food? If you say yes to these three questions, you are in for a treat! Let me introduce you to The Riki Kaspi Spice Journey range of Middle Eastern and Moroccan food products. The creator behind the Spice Journey range is Chef Riki Kaspi, a well known Perth chef for her colourful food personality and is the owner of the Cooking Professor cooking school in Churchlands. With lots of love and care taken to put together these premium quality, hand crafted products, they are also preservative free and made from 100% natural roasted spices and fresh herbs.

The Spice Journey range features 4 of Riki’s Chermoula spice pastes – the traditional flavour base for Moroccan tajines, slow-cooked casseroles and marinades. They’re aromatic with spices and herbs, but because no chillis are used they’re suitable for the whole family. Also included in the range are a variety of condiments and accompaniments to create and complete the Moroccan feast.

A few weeks ago, I was sent some of the Spice Journey products to create my very own Moroccan feast at home. The instructions behind these products are super easy to follow which is great for the amateur cook like me. I received the Moroccan couscous kit, chicken and fish chermoula. The Moroccan couscous kit also comprised of roast almonds, cranberries, currants, sultanas and cinnamon. I decided to use the fish chermoula paste to complement the couscous first. The combination of fennel, turmeric and lemon in this spice blend for the fish chermoula paste is perfect for fish or seafood. Although it says, “fish chermoula”, the paste suits chicken or vegetables too.


And….here’s the end product! Not bad for an amateur cook new to cooking right? 😉

The texture of the couscous was lovely – it was so light and fluffy. With some roast almonds, cranberries, currants, sultanas and cinnamon, it gave the couscous its occasional sweetness and well balanced texture. The fish chermoula was delicious and flavoursome, complementing well with the couscous.


I want to create a Moroccan Feast at home now but where can I get the Spice Journey Range of products? Yes, there are many places in Perth which stocks the Riki Kaspi’s Spice Journey range and you can check for your nearest stockist here. Whether you are an amateur or experienced cook, anyone can create their very own Moroccan feast at home with Riki Kaspi’s Spice Journey range of products.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the Cooking Professor for sending me these delicious and easy to make products from the Riki Kaspi’s Spice Journey range.


2 thoughts on “Riki Kaspi’s Spice Journey Range

  1. I still haven’t cooked anything with my products from Riki Kaspi yet but this looks so delicious! We’ve been mixing the harissa from her range with mayonnaise for a spicy creamy treat with other dishes 🙂

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