Flora and Fauna

Imagine sitting under blue skies, cool breeze and sunny days, sipping on coffee or tea and indulging on a beautiful plate of food comfortably. Sounds good? It sure does.

Situated in a small laneway just along Aberdeen Street, is Flora and Fauna. At 18sq m and six tables, this cute little micro cafe is unique for its outdoor seating area. It’s also great to see that this laneway shop space is getting some love as it had been empty for four years. There’s also a mini herb garden and you can also find flowers, tea and cards for sale in the cafe. The inspiration to visit Flora and Fauna with my family comes from reading Flora and Fauna’s appearance in an article from the Sunday Times Magazine by The Sunday Times Newspaper. And so, I set out on a beautiful, cool day to have my brunch with my family under the bright blue sky.

Dad had the Smashed Avocado on Turkish ($14) which comprises of lemon and basil avocado smash sitting on top of the grilled organic Turkish bread with an addition of a pot of scrambled eggs for $5. The turkish bread is supplied by local bread artisan, The Woodfired Baker.  I had a taste and the turkish bread was light and fluffy complementing well with the smooth and creamy textures of the avocado smash. The addition of lemon and basil gave the avocado smash a punch of acidity and freshness, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavours.IMG_8181

Herbed Smashed Avo on Turkish

For me, I picked the Goji Superfood Muesli ($15) for a refuel after teaching a BodyCombat class. It was a very hearty dish, packed full of your superfood suspects. There’s goji berries, nuts, seeds, fresh seasonal fruit, milk and yoghurt topped with a drizzle of real maple syrup, like an icing on the cake. For the milk, you have a few varieties to choose from dairy, almond, rice and soy. The Goji Superfood Muesli was presented very beautifully with lots of colour to brighten one’s day bursting with a bowl of hearty, fresh and healthy ingredients.



Goji Superfood Muesli

Mum had the Canadian Style French Toast ($19), one of the most popular on the menu. The french toast consists of a thickly sliced ciabatta, dipped into a sweet egg mixture and pan fried until golden brown. Kissed with a mix of fresh and compote blueberries with a finishing touch of maple syrup to keep it Canadian. The french toast was fluffy and moist with a hint of sweetness, soaking up the blueberry compote. It was made with so much love and presented beautifully (I’ll let the photo below speaks for itself here). There were plenty of healthy stuff on the plate too with ingredients giving you a pack full of anti-oxidants and health benefits from the nuts, pomegranate, blueberries and apricots. The mint leaves and edible flowers as a garnish adds a fresh touch to the french toast. With every element put together, it was texturally well balanced. Now I know why the french toast is so popular!


Canadian Style French Toast

The food at Flora and Fauna is put together with lots of love, care and attention with a touch of colour to the table. After a very satisfying brunch, I thought this beautiful cafe should no longer be kept a secret and is definitely worth the visit. If you need a good kickstart to the day with a satisfying breakfast or brunch, come for the food and don’t forget to say hello to the lovely and friendly owners who runs Flora and Fauna. It’s a true hidden gem.

Mel’s Rating: mmmmm (take me to foodie heaven)

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