Beaufort Street Merchant

After finishing a nice BodyBalance workout, I decided to head out for brunch with my childhood friend, Jess. We have been on many dinners with both of our families together but this was the first time that both of us actually went out for brunch. Initially, Plan A was Smuggled Seeds for breakfast. Arrived at 10.30 am at Smuggled Seeds and found out that kitchen had closed early due to a faulty stove. Plan B was to head to Mount Lawley, the closest to Leederville and in the end we decided to give Beaufort Street Merchant a try.

On a late Tuesday morning, Beaufort Street Merchant was actually quite busy. Looking around I can see a group of mums, friends catching up and families – all having a hearty breakky and sipping a cup of coffee or indulging in fresh juices. It’s a local institution to catch up with one another over food and coffee along Beaufort Street. The moment you step your foot into Beaufort Street Merchant, cakes and pastries greet you at the front. Yes, I must say that they are very tempting indeed.

Jess had the Green Scrambled Eggs ($22) with smoked salmon. Here’s Jess’s review of her dish – the bread was topped with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. I thought that the smoked salmon was good as the smoked flavour doesn’t empower the salmon and you can still taste the freshness of the salmon. As the whole dish was dominantly scrambled eggs, the bread underneath was soaked with fluid from the egg. It still tasted good and the bread was soft, so you can pull it apart easily compared to some bread out there which is too hard. I thought that the egg can be fluffier to give a lighter texture. I was really full in the end and Mel had to save the day by helping me to finish my dish.


 Green Scrambled Eggs

I had the Truffled Mushrooms ($20) with soft polenta, poached eggs and parmesan. The eggs were poached perfectly, with orange liquid full of goodness oozing through. The mushrooms were full of flavour and I like how the polenta was creamy and fluffy which blended well the whole dish. The rocket leaves on top adds a hint of freshness to the dish. It was very tasty.


 Truffled Mushrooms

To complement my food, I had a cup of Mocha. It was smooth with a nice balance of chocolate and coffee flavours together. A nice drink to have on a cold winter’s day. 🙂



Looking around Beaufort Street Merchant, I really liked their interior and how cosy and comfortable it is, making it a nice place to catch up over coffee. Oh and the service was friendly and efficient too. When Jess’s cappuccino arrived, the waitress had accidentally spilled a bit of it on the table. In the end, she brought a new cup of cappuccino for Jess. If you happen to be at Beaufort Street Merchant whether it is for food or coffee, don’t forget to pay a visit to their merchant store inside too. You might be able to pick up an item or two from there 🙂 

Mel’s Rating : mmm (good)

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