Smuggled Seeds Espresso

Smuggled Seeds Espresso has been on my wishlist for a while. I have actually been to Smuggled Seeds twice but have unfortunately missed out on their breakfast. First time I arrived at 11.30 am on a weekday and missed out on food as kitchen closes at 11am. Second visit, my friend and I arrived at 10.30 am after BodyBalance and found out that the food service has stopped because of a faulty stove in a kitchen. Finally, I was lucky at my third visit and we managed to sit down, have a nice cup of coffee and food at Smuggled Seeds.

It was quite easy to decide what to order. In the end we went for the dishes that were only available on the weekends. I had the Twice Roasted ‘Char Siu’ pork belly ($16). Slow roasted ‘char siu’ BBQ pork belly chunks served with toasted ciabatta with 2 slow poached eggs and side of greens. The Char Siu was sweet, tender and juicy. The other star of the dish was the poached eggs. It was literally melt in your mouth and visually perfect that I actually admired it for a bit before indulging. Oh and not forgetting the soft and fluffy ciabatta with a nice crunchy crust; marrying the whole dish together.


 Twice Roasted Char Siu Pork Belly

Mum had the Mushroom, chorizo and quinoa bowl ($14) comprising of chorizo, diced mushrooms, peas, red onions and spinach on a bed of quinoa with 2 poached eggs and sprinkle of crispy seaweed. I had a taste test of the mushroom, chorizo and quinoa bowl and it was full of flavour. I think this dish was executed perfectly with a nice balance of fresh and delicate flavours along with a crunch in between from the crispy seaweed.


 Mushroom, Chorizo and Quinoa Bowl

Dad had the Pea and crab fritters ($17) which consists of house made fritters with pea, crab and onions served with slice of ciabatta and 2 poached eggs, finished with housemade chili jam. Across all our dishes, our poached eggs were consistently executed to perfection. The fritters were delicious and fluffy with a light crisp on the outside. The housemade chili jam complements the fritters well giving it an additional punch of subtle spicy flavours to the dish.


Pea and Crab Fritters

To finish off mum and I had a Matcha Latte ($3.90) and Dad had a Latte ($3.90). We also shared a slice of Hummingbird cake ($5). The Matcha Latte was very rich, smooth and had a strong green tea flavour. Finally, I have found another cafe which serves a good Green Tea Latte in Perth. Dad enjoyed the Latte and he thought that it was really good (Smuggled Seeds uses 5 Senses Coffee as their brew). The Hummingbird cake was lovely – it was moist and not too sweet. It was the perfect finish for our lovely brunch.


 Hummingbird Cake


Latte and Matcha Latte

Overall, we really had a great dining experience at Smuggled Seeds Espresso and we will definitely be back again.  The service was also very efficient and friendly. As you can also see, the prices here are reasonable and decent for the quality of food and coffee which is very rare in Perth these days. I am very thankful for that. If you are looking for brunch, breakfast, coffee and cakes, Smuggled Seeds is the place to be. A must try for all foodies and coffee connoisseurs.

Mel’s Rating : mmmmm (take me to foodie heaven)

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2 thoughts on “Smuggled Seeds Espresso

    1. Yeah the pork belly at Smuggled Seeds is really good. Very sweet, juicy and tender. My stomach is making noises while I’m looking at the picture again hahaha!

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