Typika Artisan Roasters

Finally, I can say now that I have been to Typika Artisan Roasters. Typika has been the talk of town and is a popular breakfast, brunch, lunch and coffee spot. Typika houses a glassed-in coffee roastery where all the roasting action takes place along with a warehouse for storing green beans, roasted coffee and wholesale products. I was there during the peak lunch hour and was lucky to get a table for the 3 of us. Despite how busy it was, Typika has a positive vibe.

So, I asked our waitperson what was his recommendation and he recommended the Caramelised Beef Ribs ($32). The Caramelised Beef Ribs consists of tender beef ribs slow cooked in coconut milk and spices, served with a fresh coconut salad and sweet dipping sauce. The Beef Ribs were caramelised to perfection. Soft, tender and the meat fell off the bone easily. The fresh coconut salad and sweet dipping sauce gave a punch of freshness and acidity to the dish. The recommendation did not disappoint at all!


Beef Ribs

Dad had the Chipotle Bean Hotpot ($17.50). The Chipotle Bean Hotpot is a small pot slow-cooked cannellini beans, kidney beans, ham hock, herb and garlic sausage in a spiced tomato based sauce, served with a runny 62 degree egg and cheesy Turkish Bread. Why 62 degree egg? It was designed to be stirred through while thickening the Hotpot to perfect consistency. YUM! I had a taste test of the dish and it was delicious and full of flavour. A warm, hearty dish that is perfect for cold and rainy winter days.


Chipotle Bean Hotpot

Mum had the Eggs Florentine ($22) consists of two soft poached eggs nestled on toast, wilted spinach, smoked salmon and finished with hollandaise and micro herbs.The poached eggs were perfect with that oozing yellow liquid drizzling down from the top. Mum enjoyed her dish and thought that it was really good. I had a taste test of the Eggs Florentine and I thought that the flavours blended well together, making it a tasty dish.

IMG_4826Eggs Florentine

After finishing our mains, we decided to have some coffee and cake. Typika is another one of the places where you can find that glorious honey cake which is currently trending in Perth. We had the Honey Cake ($4.50) and the Portuguese Tart ($4.50). I enjoyed both of them. The Portuguese Tart was executed perfectly – the pastry was slightly crisp and the custard was tender and silky. In the Honey Cake, you will find light honey flavoured layers and smooth milky caramel fillings in the middle. With one bite, you will be craving for more!


Portuguese Tart and Honey Cake

I had eyes on the Deconstructed Hot Chocolate ($6) when I saw someone on another table having it. Hmmm….a deconstructed hot chocolate. This is going to be interesting. Basically all you have to do is construct your own hot chocolate. The end product? A constructed Hot Chocolate. YAY! The Hot Chocolate was full of chocolate-y goodness. It wasn’t overly sweet and it was just spot on for me. Probably one of the best Hot Chocolates around Perth, but presented to you in a deconstructed form!


Deconstructed Hot Chocolate

My verdict of Typika? I actually enjoyed Typika and I think I will definitely be back if I am ever around the Claremont area. It would definitely be a great, trendy place to catch up with friends over for brunch or coffee. Oh and also, a good place to stop by and refuel if you are doing your shopping at Claremont Quarter too!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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