The Pulp Cafe

Situated opposite Noodle Forum at the Equus Arcade is The Pulp Cafe. If you feel like having coffee after your bowl of noodles, head over to The Pulp Cafe where you can have a nice cup of coffee and perhaps a muffin or banana bread if you still have room in your stomach. Yep, it’s a cafe that’s not hard to miss!



The decor is bright and lovely which gives a welcoming and friendly ambience – a great place to catch up over coffee and have some of their pastries or cookies available. I decided to order a Latte and I must admit that the coffee at The Pulp Cafe is good. It was very fragrant and robust. It didn’t take too long for the latte to arrive and the price is also reasonable for quality coffee.





While having our coffee, there were some samples of banana bread available at the counter. Just one bite and I was hooked. Yes, I have to order a slice of banana bread just because it was so good! With a few small chunks of banana in the bread, it was full of banana flavour. The banana bread was soft, moist and fluffy which complements the coffee well.



Banana Bread

Whether you want to grab a coffee on the way to work or catch up with a friend, The Pulp Cafe offers good quality coffee with a friendly service. To all the coffee lovers out there, if you are ever at Perth City, do come down to The Pulp Cafe and give it a try. I highly recommend it! Oh, and they do sell made to order Quesadillas for lunch too. πŸ™‚

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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4 thoughts on “The Pulp Cafe

    1. Yeah I remembered a few occasions when I was dining at Noodle Forum, Pulp looked a bit quiet. But when I was there the other day, quite a few customers actually came in for coffee haha so maybe it’s a one off dull period πŸ™‚

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