The Attic

And so, the Fremantle Adventures begin again. Yes, there is a lot to explore in Fremantle.

Along Bannister St, lies a little cafe called “The Attic”. Past the counter where you place your order and up the stairs, you will find yourself at the attic, an eating area where everyone is enjoying their food, coffee or cake and having a great time catching up. From the deli counter to the brunch options, it was hard to decide what to order because everything looks and sounds good!

I had the Cinnamon Mushrooms, Cummin Seed, White Cheese, Crispy Egg and Sourdough ($18) for brunch. I really enjoyed my dish and thought that it was really delicious. The mushrooms were flavoursome together with the crispy egg and a hint of cummin seeds made this dish a matchmake in heaven.


Cinnamon Mushrooms, Cummin Seed, Crispy Egg, White Cheese and Sourdough

Served in a pan on a chopping board, was the Shakshouka. Dad had the Shakshouka which consists of eggs poached in a tunisian style sauce with white cheese ($16). I had a taste test of the Shakshouka and it was full of flavour. It was one hearty dish and the tunisian style sauce executed some Mediterranean and rustic flavours, which makes the Shakshouka a warm and homely dish. The Shakshouka will definitely make a great dish for winter!



Mum had the Herb Chicken Toasted Flatbread Wrap. The Flatbread was toasted perfectly to crisp and there was a generous amount of chicken and ingredients together with some melted cheese in the wrap. Although the Wrap was generous in portion, it was filled with crisp and fresh flavours.


Herb Chicken Toasted Flatbread Wrap

To finish we decided to share a Honey Cake ($7) and dad had a Latte ($4). One of the waitstaff recommended the Honey Cake and we were told that it was one of the best cakes that The Attic has to offer. She was absolutely correct. The Honey Cake was to die for. In between layers, you can find layers of honey that were seeping through the soft textures of the cake. It was a sweet ending to a lovely lunch. Oh, and dad enjoyed his coffee too!


Latte and Honey Cake

The Attic has a cosy and comfortable atmosphere with its mismatched furniture and vintage decorations, making it a great place to catch up with friends over coffee and for a good breakfast, lunch or brunch. The waitstaff are all very friendly and the service is topnotch too. During our dining experience at The Attic, we have no complains and were very happy with our food, atmosphere and service from the start to the end. The Attic is truly one great place to be.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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