Pimlott & Strand

Generous servings. Good food. Who would not want more than that?

Located in North Perth Plaza along Fitzgerald street lies Pimlott & Strand (You won’t be able to miss it! It’s just opposite Chemist Warehouse) Pimlott & Strand is not only a cafe offering good food. It also offers an array of gourmet artisanal-style produce for you to purchase. Feel free to take a browse while waiting for your food or coffee or perhaps if you need to stock up on an ingredient or produce for your pantry!



I had the Breakfast Insalata ($16.50) which consists of baked ciabatta croutons, grilled pancetta, two poached eggs, shaved parmesan, rocket and lemon vinaigrette. I thought that the dish was really fresh and light in flavour. The crispy-ness of the grilled pancetta, the crunchy-ness of the croutons with an oozing yellow egg yolk from the poached eggs together with the rocket makes a perfect breakfast salad.


Breakfast Insalata

Dad had the Eggs Florentine ($14.50) which consists of two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, fresh spinach and a pretzel roll. The hollandaise sauce was perfect in texture. A generous amount of hollandaise sauce was drizzled on top of the poached eggs, fresh spinach and pretzel roll, giving it a great amount of flavour. It was very lovely indeed.


Eggs Florentine

Mum had the Classico ($20.90) consisting of two eggs (any way), sauteed mushrooms, seared tomato, free range bacon, chorizo, spring onion potato cake and a toast. It is a very hearty dish with a generous portion. If you don’t have a large appetite for breakfast, I highly recommend sharing the Classico. The chorizo was smoked beautifully and the mushrooms sauteed perfectly. Overall, the Classico was delicious and full of flavour. Whether it is a breakfast for the hungry or not-so-hungry, it will sure give your day a kickstart!



If you are ever at Pimlott & Strand, don’t forget to try their coffee. It’s a really good brew! Their cakes do look pretty tempting too but unfortunately when we finished our breakfast, we were very full. But oh well, there’s always a next time because I will be back for sure!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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