Blu Grill

It was a Thursday night and we decided to go out for dinner as dad has just arrived in Perth. We head to Blu Grill, which was very close to home. No need for a parking ticket or to do the rounds to find parking as there are plenty of parking spaces available. The restaurant was a bit busy when we arrived considering it was a weekday. With no booking on a Thursday night, we were able to get a table in the restaurant with a 5 minute wait. How awesome is that or maybe we were just lucky! (I will still recommend you to make a booking nevertheless)

To start off dinner, we had the Selection of Breads consisting of slices of tiger bread, olive bread, cheese and chives bread and grissini served with an olive tapenade. It was a great start to dinner with a variety of breads. The olive tapenade blended well with the bread and makes a great dip!


Selection of Breads

Our mains arrived. Dad had the Fillet De Boeuf ($44), mum had the Grilled Lamb Cutlets ($36) and I had the Scotch Fillet (250g) ($36). The Scotch Fillet was perfectly cooked at medium rare and was juicy and tender. I had to choose from a variety of sauces to complement my steak from Wild mushroom and blu cheese, Anchovy and rosemary sauce, Homemade barbecue and Roast garlic peppercorn sauce. From the recommendation of the waitperson, I chose the Wild mushroom and blu cheese sauce and it complemented the Scotch Fillet very well while giving it an additional flavour.


Scotch Fillet

I had a taste test of dad and mum’s mains and enjoyed both of their mains as it was as good as my Scotch Fillet. Dad’s Fillet De Bouef is a Brandy flambéed eye fillet served on a grilled herb infused field mushroom, blanched asparagus, glazed shallot onions, pomme paille, a woodear and red wine jus and watercress. Like my Scotch Fillet, it was cooked perfectly at medium rare with a hint of red in the middle, making the meat tender and juicy.


Fillet de Boeuf

The Grilled Lamb Cutlets was served with creamy potato and peas, roast cherry tomato, wilted spinach, pine nuts, asparagus and rosemary sauce. The lamb cutlets was delicious! It was very soft, tender and full of flavour and the elements on the plate were executed perfectly.

IMG_3138Grilled Lamb Cutlets

Other than ordering our mains, we also ordered two sides to complement our mains (more so like mine as I only had the Scotch Fillet) which were the Mixed Green Vegetables ($9) and Side of Chips ($7).


Mixed Green Vegetables


Side of Chips

To finish off our dinner, we decided to order desserts to share. From the recommendation of the waitperson, we had the Malva Pudding ($14) and Crème Brulee with a Twist ($16).  The Malva Pudding was served with butterscotch sauce, crème anglaise and old english toffee ice cream. The Crème Brulee was delicately infused with selected indian spices.  served with mango sorbet, mixed berry coulis and white chocolate and saffron coated cherries. Both of the desserts were really good. The Crème Brulee was unique where I could taste the flavours of indian spices. It was indeed a Crème Brulee with a twist!  The Malva Pudding was quite similar to a Sticky Date Pudding and I thought that it was as good as the Crème Brulee. Both my parents also enjoyed the Malva Pudding.


Malva Pudding


Crème Brulee with a twist

As this was not my first time at Blu Grill, there has been quite a few changes since my last visit in 2011. They definitely had more staff and the service was friendly, welcoming and efficient. The food, was also of great quality too. Blu Grill is a hidden gem nestled in the suburb of Woodlands facing the picturesque Lake Jackadder. It is perfect for catching up with friends, going out on a date or to celebrate a special occasion.

P.S. You can use your Entertainment Gold Card at Blu Grill if you have one.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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2 thoughts on “Blu Grill

  1. I went with my parents a few weeks ago and loved it. Very classy, top service, and the food was superb.
    I drove past it for years without knowing what a gem the place is, and yes the steak….magic!

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