Little Caesars Pizzeria

After the spotlighting field trip at Karakamia Widllife Sanctuary as a part of my Science Communication unit, we went to Little Caesars for pizzas at Mundaring which not too far from Chidlow. Little Caesars are famous for its pizzas throughout Perth. The first Little Caesars Pizzeria opened in Mundaring in 1996 and was run as a family business. Customers have been always spoilt for choice from their variety of pizzas on their menu. Oh, and not to forget, the dessert pizzas too!

After walking 2km around Karakamia, we were rewarded with a buffet of of pizzas. I myself have actually lost count on how many pizzas my unit coordinator ordered as we were all hungry and started digging in but I know that the whole table was filled with pizzas. It was a delicious and a yummy pizza dinner. When I looked around the table, I can see my course mates going “mmmmm” with every slice of pizza. It was pizza heaven.




After finishing our pizzas, we decided to conclude our dinner and field trip with something sweet. We ordered a few dessert pizzas. When the dessert pizzas arrived, the statement which I have heard very often on our table is that “That looks good!”. All of us had a slice or two of the dessert pizzas and they were very good. Some were too sweet but it was a good finish to our pizza mains. Looks like all of us indeed have a sweet tooth and ended up feeling very satisfied after our pizza dinner.



Have a look at Little Caesars menu and you will be salivating instantly. As I am writing up this post, I am also feeling hungry. Perhaps it is because I am writing this post in the middle of the night. From Mundaring, Little Caesars have now branched out to two locations in Perth which is in Hillarys and Leederville. So why not drop by to Little Caesars and give their pizzas a try?

Mel’s Rating : mmm (good)

Little Caesars Mundaring on Urbanspoon


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