Mrs. S

Another cafe famous for its breakfast, brunch and lunch in Perth is Mrs. S which is located in the heart of Maylands. I have always wanted to give Mrs. S a try from hearing good reviews from friends and Urbanspoon. So, what’s my verdict of Mrs. S? It is very good and definitely worth a visit because the food, service and atmosphere is top notch.

The cafe was full when we arrived but we were told that it was only a 5-10 minute wait for a table which was bearable. While waiting for our table, we also had a look at the menu. Mrs. S has a cosy and homely ambience to it with its mismatched furniture and vintage look. In every corner of the cafe, there are items for sale such as aprons, cookie cutters, placemats and so on. Even the cover of the menu has an interesting twist to it where the menu is clipped onto Little Golden Books which I  used to read when I was a little girl.


I ordered the Soup of the day ($14.50) which is a carrot, pumpkin and coconut soup with toasted ciabatta. The soup came in a generous portion and was full of flavour which definitely makes a great winter dish to keep warm. It was also thick and creamy. The toasted ciabatta was warm when it arrived and when butter was spread onto the ciabatta, it melted. Yum! This dish is definitely a winner for me.


Carrot, pumpkin and coconut soup

Mum ordered the Shredded Confit Duck Salad with mandarin, sour cherry, soba noodle and sesame ($22). Being a health conscious person, mum enjoyed her salad. The salad was fresh and bursting with flavour as there were so many ingredients in the salad. It was a fusion of East meets West where the soba noodles blended well with the salad and duck. Another “Yum” was heard from mum.


Shredded Duck Confit Salad

Dad ordered the 12 hour braised lamb and chickpea salad with carrots, chickpeas and preserved lemon yoghurt ($22.50). I had a taste test of Dad’s salad and it was as good as the soup and the Confit Duck Salad. The lamb was soft and tender as it has been braised for 12 hours. The salad was also fresh and blended well with the other ingredients. Like mum and I, dad enjoyed his dish too.


12 hour braised lamb and chickpea salad

After finishing our meals, we decided to order coffee and cake. Most of the cakes looked very tempting (Attention, cake lovers and sweet tooths out there!) and are always selling fast. We could not decide what to order but in the end, we settled for the Little Lemon Curd Cupcake ($4.50) and the Orange and Blueberry cake ($4.50) which was the last slice. The Little Lemon Curd Cupcake was soft and was oozing with lemon curd. The Orange and Blueberry cake was heavenly. It was that good.


Orange and Blueberry Cake


Little Lemon Curd Cupcake

Other than having good food and cakes, the coffee has a nice aroma and blends well with the cakes. The Hot Chocolate which I ordered was very chocolate-y and has definitely kept me feeling warm on a cold wintry day.


Latte ($3.80)


Hot Chocolate ($4.30)

Overall, my family and I had a great dining experience at Mrs. S and we will definitely be back again in the future to try other dishes on the menu and for their cakes and coffee too! Highly recommended!

My rating : mmmm (excellent)

Key : m (poor), mm (average), mmm (good), mmmm (excellent)

Mrs. S on Urbanspoon


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