Toast became a backup plan as we were meant to visit The Good Food and Wine Show at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Unfortunately, the parking at the Convention Centre was full and it became too much of a hassle to search for parking nearby. We changed our plans and decided to go for brunch at Toast instead. This is my first time at Toast. I have heard many great reviews of Toast from friends and Urbanspoon. My review of Toast? It is definitely worth a try and I highly recommend it. Not only for their food and service but also the atmosphere of alfresco dining by the East Perth waterfront.


ImageWhen we arrived, Toast was quite full as it was the peak hour lunch time but we were lucky to find ourselves a table. We placed our orders at the front counter after taking some time to analyze the menu and coming to a decision. I had the Eggs Norwegian ($18.50) and mum had the Full Breakfast ($22). Dad had the ham, swiss cheese, fresh basil, tomato, bush tomato and red pepper relish with sourdough flute ($11.90). The Eggs Norwegian was really good and the yolks were runny which is how I like my egg yolks to be. The bread was soft in the middle and the hollandaise sauce blended well with the smoked salmon. Adding a wedge of lemon gives a hint of freshness to the dish. Although it is a simple dish, it was full of flavour.


I had a taste test of the full breakfast and it was very delicious. The portion may look small, but I think it was just nice for mum as she always aims to eat  70% full. The big breakfast consists of bacon, eggs (scrambled or poached), toast, chipolatas, grilled tomato and mushrooms which is what you would expect of your typical big breakfast. 🙂


I tried a small portion of the ham and swiss cheese sourdough. The sourdough was soft in the middle and the ham and swiss cheese blended well with each other. The fresh basil, tomato, bush tomato and red pepper relish gives a hint of freshness to the dish. If you are in a hurry, this is the perfect “grab and go” dish as the dish is categorized under “Simple, Fast, Work Lunch” on the menu.


After finishing our mains, we decided to order some coffee. Dad had the Latte ($3.90) and mum ordered the Vienna Coffee ($4.90). I did not try the coffee but I know my parents enjoyed it very much. I had the Strawberry Milkshake ($6.90) instead. I had no idea how I managed to finish the Strawberry Milkshake to myself. It was really a litre of goodness.



ImageWe shared the almond and orange cake and it was really good. It was not too sweet which makes it easy to eat and the cake has a soft texture to it. Plus, it’s gluten free too!


Overall, my family and I enjoyed dining at Toast and we will definitely be back in the future to try the other dishes on the menu or specials. Although it is a bit on the expensive side, it is well worth it for the quality and freshness.

My rating: mmmm (excellent)
Toast on Urbanspoon


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