Bada Bing

After church, my family and I decided to go somewhere closer to home for the convenience of finding parking. So, we went to Bada Bing Cafe in our suburb where we often go for coffee and cake. Bada Bing is situated in the heart of Woodlands facing the picturesque Lake Jackadder. When we arrived, the restaurant was quite full but we were told that a few of the customers were about to finish and we could get a table in 15 to 20 minutes . My advice to you is to make a booking for dinner just to be safe.

After doing a short grocery shopping at Farmer Jacks and putting our groceries at home, we went back to the restaurant again and our table was ready by 7.20 pm which was just nice. When we were seated and given the menu, we quickly made our decisions on what to order. To complement our mains, we each ordered red wine. Dad had the Other Side of the Moon Grenache and mum and I had the Ninth Island Pinot Noir. Since our trip to the Wild Duck, mum and I enjoyed drinking the Pinot Noir red wine as it is fruity and easy to drink. The Grenache which dad had was stronger in taste and woody.

Not long after placing our orders, our garlic bread ($6) arrived. We quickly took 3 pieces of garlic bread (that’s how hungry we are!) and after finishing the first plate, we decided to order another serving of garlic bread. The garlic bread was warm and fresh when it arrived and was tasty. Dad also mentioned that this was the best garlic bread he has ever eaten!


           Garlic Bread

Our mains arrived not long after finishing our garlic bread. I ordered the Lamb Shank Risotto ($27), dad ordered the Scotch Fillet ($37) and mum ordered the Fettuccine Spello ($29). The lamb shank risotto was very delicious and full of flavour. It is also a hearty dish which makes it great for winter too! I had a taste test of the Scotch Fillet and Fettuccine Spello. The Scotch Fillet was tender, juicy and nicely done which was not overcooked. The sauce also complements the Scotch Fillet. The Fettuccine Spello was creamy and blended well with the king prawns and pistachio crusted scallops. Overall, we enjoyed our mains and thought that the portions were very generous.


    Lamb Shank Risotto


Scotch Fillet


Fettuccine Spello

To finish of our dinner, we decided to share a dessert. We ordered the Creme Brulee ($13). Creme Brulee is one of my favourite desserts besides Tiramisu. The creme brulee was very nice and had an excellent texture and flavour.


Creme Brulee


Cakes galore!

Other than serving dinner, Bada Bing is also opened for breakfast, lunch and tea. Another one of their popular desserts is the Baci pudding ($12) which we usually order when we are having coffee and tea there.  The Baci pudding is full of chocolatey goodness with a hint of hazelnut and when eaten together with the vanilla ice cream, it is a matchmake in heaven. It is that good. The carrot cake ($7.50) is also worth a try too. I am not usually a big fan of carrot cake but I enjoyed the carrot cake in Bada Bing because it is not too sweet and the carrot taste is not empowering.


Baci pudding


Carrot Cake

Overall, my family and I enjoyed dining at Bada Bing Cafe and we will always be back. I would highly recommend this hidden gem to all and their food is definitely worth trying, be it breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. Service is excellent and food is good which is why the residents of Woodlands are always coming back for more! Oh yes, please do like their facebook page and also keep a look out for their specials and special events such as Italian Wine Night, Gnocchi Night etc

My rating: mmmm (excellent)

Key (m=mel/yummy): m (poor), mm (average), mmm (good), mmmm(excellent)

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