The Merrywell

The Merrywell is the place you would want to be for dude food. For our dinner before the Jersey Boys musical, we decided to give The Merrywell a try. The restaurant was quite busy for a weekday, most probably because of the Jersey Boys musical. After finding a table for ourselves, we placed our orders immediately as we have done our research the night before on what to have.

The service was very quick and efficient. Not long after placing our orders, the food arrived. We shared and ordered the Lollipop Buffalo Wings ($21), Firey Mojito Lamb Chops ($34) and the BBQ “JD & Coke” Ribs ($36). The Lollipop Buffalo Wings came with celery sticks and blue cheese fondue. Although it was a bit spicy, the lollipop buffalo wings was very delicious and it was finger licking good.


When the waitperson brought out the Firey Mojito Lamb Chops, he poured some Bacardi 151 over the lamb chops, took a match, lit it and Voila! the lamb chops were on fire. Unfortunately, I was too mesmerized in awe to take a photo of the whole process. So, I will leave it to your imagination. The lamb chops came with cucumber yoghurt and mint jelly. It was also cooked perfectly and the meat was tender.


The BBQ “JD & coke” Ribs came with two mexican corn on cobs and watermelon. The meat was soft, tender and came off the bone easily which is how I would love my ribs to be. The sweet and tangy BBQ sauce blended very well with the ribs, making it a dish full of flavour. The corn on cob was also very tasty. Overall, the BBQ “JD & coke” Ribs is one finger licking good dish!


To finish off our dinner, we decided to order one of  The Merrywell’s dessert and upon recommendation from a friend who works there, we ordered the chocolate brownie ($9) which came in a jar. The chocolate brownie came with marshmallows which looks like it was BBQ’d. The marshmallows were a bit charred, giving it a crisp texture on the outside but it still retains the softness of a marshmallow in the inside. The chocolate brownie with chocolate mousse and marshmallows were full of chocolate-y goodness. It was that good. The chocolate brownie makes a perfect dessert for those chocolate lovers out there. I am sure you can’t go wrong with chocolate, right?


Overall, my family and I enjoyed our food at The Merrywell. We each came to a conclusion that the food was really good. The Merrywell is a great place to catch up with friends, have some drinks and indulge in hearty dude food. However, it may be a bit expensive but for good quality food like The Merrywell, it is well worth it.

Mel’s rating : mmmm (excellent)

Key : m (poor), mm (average), mmm (good), mmmm (excellent)
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