A meat-y dinner at Lapa Brazilian

After several months from my last visit and several calls to get a booking, I was lucky to call up a few days before and reserve a table at Lapa Brazilian Barbeque in Subiaco. It is advisable to book at least two weeks ahead. You can also try to ask which days they have tables available which might make it easier if you are flexible with time and day. I would recommend booking at 6pm so you will be able to take your time and eat.

What exactly is Lapa? Lapa is actually a famous neighbourhood in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. And yes, I have always wanted to visit Rio de Janiero too and am a big fan of Brazilian Churrascaria (barbeque). The Rodizio “Endless Feast” ($49) is the most popular item on Lapa’s menu consisting of a starter, mains (the meats!) and sides. It is similar to a buffet but instead of getting up to get your food, the Passadores (meat waiters) come to your table and carve the succulent meats straight to your plate, offering a continuous interactive experience. If you are a carnivore or meat lover like me, I recommend you to go for the Endless Feast.

Each of us were given coasters which you can flip on either side. The green side of the coaster means that the Passadores will continue to carve meat for you while the red indicates that you had enough; similar to traffic lights like green to go and red to stop.

ImageAfter ordering the Endless Feast, we were given cheese balls (Pao de queijo) as part of the starter. They were so good and oozing of cheesiness.


To start off the night with some drinks I ordered the Caipirinha ($14), Brazil’s national cocktail which is made with Cachaça (a sugarcane spirit from Brazil), sugar and lime. It is refreshing and easy to drink which would make a great cocktail for summer!


Our sides arrived which consists of Salada jardineira (garden salad), Maionese de batata (potato salad), Shoestring fries, Feijao preto (black bean stew), Arroz branco (white rice), and Bananinha frita (crumbed bananas). The sides complement the meats very well. Dad, mum and I enjoyed the shoestring fries the most. They were very tasty and we could not stop eating them!


We also received a few sauces to complement our meats which is the gravy sauce, Molho vinagrete (Brazilian salsa) and Chimichurri sauce (Argentinian sauce).


Let the “Endless Feast” of meat begin. One by one, the Passadores came to our table to slice a variety of different cuts and marinades of meats, be it lamb, chicken, beef of pork. Most of the meats were really good. Some were chewy, some were very tender. Other than meats, the waitresses also came to our table and offered us three types of pastas. The pineapple with cinnamon sugar is a must try too!



Overall, my family and I enjoyed Lapa Brazilian and have eaten to our fullest. The service was efficient and friendly. I highly recommend Lapa to others because of its unique dining experience and if you are a meat lover or have a big appetite, this is definitely going to be worth your money. We will definitely be back again in the future with an empty stomach while looking forward to be filled with meaty goodness!

My rating : mmmm (excellent)

Key (m=mel/yummy) : m (poor), mm (average), mmm (good), mmmm (excellent)

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