The Wild Duck

Have passed by this place several times on my way to uni and back. As I finish uni late on that day, we decided to give The Wild Duck Restaurant a try for dinner. Apparently Wild Duck was operating in Albany for 5 years and have recently relocated to Perth in November last year.

When we first entered the restaurant, we were greeted by a friendly smile and were taken to our table. The overall setting of this restaurant is really warm and cosy. It is also not too noisy which makes it perfect for catching up with friends, business talks or going out on a date. To start off our dinner, we ordered the Yealands Pinot Noir to complement our meals.  The red wine was quite easy to drink and had a fruity taste to it.


Prior to receiving our entrees, the staff brought out the complimentary Amuse Bouche of chicken parfait. The chicken parfait was very smooth and the flavours blended well together. Not long after, our fresh bread ($12) arrived with butter and balsamic olive oil. The bread was served warm and it was quite soft.



For the entrees, dad and I ordered the Dam Buster ($25) which is a seafood chowder and fish mousse dam with seared scallops and king prawns. It came with a round glass lid on top and when the lid was lifted off, there was a combination of smoke and an aroma of seafood. (I will leave this to you to see for yourself!) The scallops and prawns were fresh and the seafood chowder was smooth and creamy.


My mum ordered the deboned quail  ($26) on a roasted garlic risotto with asparagus and chive sauce. Dad and I had a bit of a taste and it was really good. The flavours came in together really nicely in this entree and every element was well executed.


After our entrees, the complimentary palate cleanser arrived which was a Passionfruit Sorbet. The passionfruit sorbet was very refreshing and smooth. There were no small bits of ice found in this sorbet.


For our mains, I ordered the Crispy Skin Duck Breast ($40). The dish was full of flavour and the duck was cooked to perfection. The duck skin was crispy on the outside and the meat was tender. My mum ordered the 16 Hour Pork Belly ($39).  I had a bit of a taste test and the Pork Belly was really good. The elements on this dish were also very well executed. For the main, dad ordered the Beef Duo ($38). It was also very delicious and the braised beef cheek was soft and tender. Overall, we were very happy with our mains.


Crispy Skin Duck Breast


Beef Duo


16 Hour Pork Belly

To end our dinner, we ordered the desserts. I ordered the Fried Egg on Toast ($15). The egg white is actually meringue and the yolk is mango. I am usually not a big fan of meringue but this meringue was not overly sweet and blends well with the toasted brioche and custard. My mum ordered the Waffle with Maple Syrup ($16) and dad ordered the Chocolate and Orange ($17). We agreed that the desserts were top notch and definitely great for those sweet tooth out there!


Fried Egg on Toast


Waffle with Maple Syrup


Chocolate and Orange

Overall, we really enjoyed our dining experience at Wild Duck and will definitely be back in the future. Highly recommended! By the way, the 2013/2014 Entertainment Gold Card will also come in handy in this restaurant  if you have one.

My rating : mmmm (excellent)

Key (m=mel/yummy) : m (poor), mm (average), mmm (good), mmmm (excellent)

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