Superstar Waffles

One place I often go for desserts in Northbridge is Superstar Waffles which is located in the lane near Jus Burgers and Is Donburi. As the name suggests, Superstar Waffles is primarily a dessert shop selling waffles. The first time I came here with my parents, we love the place and the waffles! We ordered and shared the Berrylicious waffle ($9.50) and the Sweet Milk Waffle Stick ($4). The Berrylicious waffle and the Sweet Milk Waffle Stick was very delicious and it was not too sweet.


During another one of my other trips here, I came with three of my good friends after dinner at Is Donburi. As two of my friends, Siti, Chloe and I were quite full from dinner, we decided to share a waffle. We ordered the Traffic Light Waffle ($10) which consists of kiwi, strawberry and banana as part of the Summer Specials. My friend, Valerie ordered the Strawberry Fields Waffle ($9). Both waffles were equally as good and does not make you feel full that quickly, which makes it a good dessert!



For the drinks, Chloe and I ordered the Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte. I have actually never tried the Green Tea Latte before until Chloe recommended it to me. (Thanks Chloe!) I really enjoyed the Green Tea Latte and it was milky, tastes like what you would expect of green tea and it was not very sweet.


I really enjoyed Superstar Waffles during my trip here and I highly recommend Superstar Waffles for desserts if you are around Northbridge. It is also a great place to catch up with friends over waffles and coffee/tea. 🙂

My rating of Superstar Waffles: mmmm (excellent)

Key: m (poor), mm (average), mmm (good), mmmm (excellent)
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