Atrium Buffet Dinner

This is one place that I have not only been once but a few times that I have actually lost count. My family and I come here for many reasons: from a special occasion to just eating out. Atrium, popular for its buffet in Crown Perth is one of the places we usually go to if we are extremely hungry that we can eat a horse or if we are feeling that we are having a great day and an enormous appetite.

As Crown Perth is at its busiest on Fridays, there are usually two seatings; one at 6pm and 8pm. The reason we are there for this time is to spend my dearest friend and a Perth resident for 6 years as she will be leaving Perth to further her studies in the UK. When we arrived, we were lucky to reserve ourselves a table for the 8pm seating. After the short queue (I can hear those sighs coming!), we were seated and as hungry as we were, we went straight for the food!

As usual, the first part of the buffet I will normally attack is the Seafood part. The prawns and oysters are really fresh. Since Atrium has a Seafood promotion for only the month of May, there are also clams, crabs and chili mussels. (Attention all seafood lovers!) So expect more seafood if you are dining at Atrium this month!


Next section I go to (this is everyone’s favourite) is the Japanese section where you get a different variety of sushis and salmon and tuna sashimi which are fresh and tasty. You have to be quick because the salmon sashimi is always high on demand!


For soups, they have the vegetable soup and laksa soup. My family and I usually go for the laksa soup and it is very delicious! No noodles in it though, just laksa!


Atrium also has an Asian section which serves Chinese and Indian foods. There are dim sums, peking duck and a few other chinese dishes. For the Indian section, there are curries, briyani and roti. If you are lucky, you might find cold soba noodles too! I had the peking duck and the pancake. The skin of the peking duck was very crispy and it blended well with the pancake.


After Chinese, I went for the Western section. Italian food such as pastas are offered and they also do made to order pastas which can be cooked on the spot depending on your preference of ingredients and sauces. There are also roasts such as Beef and Pork and yorkshire puddings along with a variety of sauces. Other than pastas and roasts, Atrium also offers beef medallions, peri peri chicken, fish and vegetables such as asparagus, roast chat potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potatoes.


But the winner of the day was the Lobster with Mushrooms! It was very delicious and was clearly one of the most popular dishes on that day as it kept running out quickly once it was replenished! So, the Lobster with Mushrooms will be only there for Seafood Month. I am hoping we will see more of it in the future due to popular demand! (fingers crossed!)


For the sweet tooth, Atrium offers a large variety of desserts from ice creams, cakes, puddings, waffles and a chocolate fountain. As we were quite lucky on that day, they even have macaroons too! This is the first time I have seen macaroons being offered for dessert in Atrium.


Mel’s Buffet Tip: If you want to have the most of everything, try not to overload your plate with a mountain of food as that might make you full quickly and seeing it will make you full! Take small portions bit by bit and avoid drinking lots of water too.

To me, I think Atrium is one of the best places for buffet in Perth just because there is a variety of food from Asian, Italian and Western and has everything to offer and I highly recommend Atrium for buffet. Also, when you book for a special occasion such as a birthday, let them know and you get a free cake and champagne! WIN!

To conclude, there is one quote I will never forget from my friend’s little brother, Ivan who said  “It’s a whole wide world of food out there” during his time at Atrium which is very accurate!

Mel’s Rating: mmmm (excellent)

Key (m=mel/yummy): m (poor), mm (average), mmm (good), mmmm (excellent)

I would also like to thank my friend for the pictures because I was too hungry that I have forgotten to take them!

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