Exploring the wonders of ginger with The Ginger People

If you did not know, the humble ginger has plenty of health benefits. It is also believed to have a natural palliative effect. Why should you eat ginger everyday? Ginger can boost energy, aid digestion, gas relief, help settle an upset stomach, soothe a cold or flu, relieve the effects of arthritis and promote a healthy immune system.

Recently, we hopped on the ginger train and collaborated with The Ginger People who sent us a couple of products to try. The Ginger People was founded by Bruce and Abbie Leeson with a mission to develop the world’s best range of ginger products and ingredients.

We tried the following products by The Ginger People:

Ginger Soother – This is one of our favourite “pick me up and go” product. The Ginger Soother a stomach-settling elixir made with antioxidant-rich, fresh-pressed punchy Peruvian ginger, lemon juice and pure honey. It’s so refreshing and comforting that it kept us in harmony all day.


Organic Ginger Syrup – The Organic Ginger Syrup is The Ginger People’s award winning product. We  really love the versatility of the organic ginger syrup. The Organic Ginger Syrup offers a creative alternative to the traditional pancake syrup and can be used from spicing up your breakfast to the cocktail hour. It can also be used as a flavourful cooking glaze too. As I had a sore throat recently, I made a soothing ginger tea using the organic ginger syrup which helped soothe my throat. We also got experimental and added some ginger syrup to our hot cross buns for a hint of sweetness!


Gin-gins Chewy Ginger Apple Candy –  The Ginger People’s Gin Gins Spicy Apple Chewy Ginger Candy combined the peppery pop of ginger and cinnamon with the refreshing sweetness of delicious apples. The candy definitely reminded us of a warm slice of apple pie which was delightfully spicy, chewy and full flavoured. Going on a long haul travel? It’s the perfect snack for the road trip, plane or even work snack.

Organic Pickled Sushi Ginger –  We love our sushi as much as we love our ginger with sushi! The organic pickled sushi ginger contains no artificial dyes, sweeteners or preservatives and yes, it is organic! The pickled sushi ginger can also be used with salads and gourmet sandwiches apart from sushi.

Want to try some Ginger People products? Head to https://au.gingerpeople.com/ for further information and detail of your nearest stockists!


unnamed (1).jpg

We would like to thank The Ginger People and Sam Jennings PR for the opportunity to try the ginger products!


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