A delicious brunch at Shortlist Oxford Street

Leederville is a bustling foodie hub in Perth with plenty of places to eat. Today,  I caught up with Ruiqi, a friend from uni at Shortlist Oxford Street for brunch.

Shortlist Oxford Street as the name suggests is located along Oxford Street in Leederville. It is located right next to San Churros and previously was home to D’Avenue. I loved the interior of the cafe which is bright and inviting.

I had the folded omelette with 12 hour braised pork, herb salad and pomegranate sambal. It was a very hearty dish with plenty of tender braised pork. I loved the sweetness of the pomegranate sambal and freshness of the herb salad together with the pork and omelette. Delicious!


Ruiqi had the homemade crumpets by Mr. Drummond’s crumpets with crushed avocado, chorizo crumb, soft-boiled egg and cherry tomato salsa. I had a taste and the crumpets were delicious and fluffy (now I know why people raved about Mr. Drummond’s crumpets!) The elements on the dish balanced well with each other from the creamy textures of the crushed avocado to the fresh, tangy cherry tomato salsa.


We paired our dishes with coffees; I had latte and Ruiqi had the flat white. Overall, we enjoyed our brunch at Shortlist. For me, it’s a cafe that is worth a visit and now I know where to go to get my Mr. Drummond’s crumpet fix.


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