Max Brenner

So you are doing your shopping. Maybe window shopping. Your feet gets tired. You feel your energy slowly draining away. That black dress in the shop window is not appealing to you anymore. Well, what do you do? Head to a cafe and grab yourself some food and perhaps coffee to refuel your shopping energy. Located at Lakeside Joondalup, is Western Australia’s very first Max Brenner outlet. While my dining buddy and I were doing some window shopping, we decided to have a break and reward ourselves with some chocolate at Max Brenner’s. When we were there, we were quite lucky that the cafe was not very busy and it did not take too long for us to put our orders in. However, just as we sat down, there was already a massive queue in order! My dining buddy and I shared the Max Brenner Tutti Frutti Waffle for Two ($19.90) which comprises of two warm belgian waffles drizzled with pure melted chocolate, served with ice cream, fresh strawberries and banana. The chocolate on the waffles was smooth, silky and decadent. Although the waffles were served warm, it could have been better with a bit of crisp on the edges. Overall, it’s a great treat for a cool, winter’s day. To complement our waffles. we shared a hot chocolate with crunchy waffle balls ($6.50). With every sip of rich hot chocolate, there’s a crunch in between from the waffle balls. It’s like a burst of surprise in your mouth, which I really enjoy.


 Max Brenner Tutti Frutti Waffle for Two


Hot Chocolate with crunchy waffle balls

Overall, Max Brenner’s is not too bad for a sweet treat although prices are a bit on the steep side. If you are doing your shopping and love to treat yourself to chocolate or for a quick refuel on sugar, head to Max Brenner’s for some very tempting and sweet treats.

Mel’s Rating : mmm (g00d)

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