Sparrow Indonesian

An old favourite in Perth, Sparrow Indonesian has been popular for their food and prices which are value for money. The restaurant may be small but it’s bursting with character from the bubbly and friendly owner. We had four dishes to share for the night. First up is the Ayam Bali ($7.70) with thick balinese sauce. I actually enjoyed this dish. The chicken was tender and cooked perfectly, complementing well with the flavoursome sauce full of spices. Next up is the Gulai Udang ($9) which comprises of prawns in spicy coconut sauce. Like the Ayam Bali, the spicy coconut sauce is delicious with a subtle hint of spice and freshness from the prawns. IMG_6903

 Ayam Bali


 Gulai Udang

Apart from meat and seafood, we ordered two vegetable dishes. There’s the Cah Buncis ($8) and Terong Balado ($6.50). The Cah Buncis is a generous serving of stir fried green beans and minced chicken in mild chilli shrimp sauce. Although it’s not too spicy, the dish still bursts with flavour from the mild chilli shrimp sauce. The Terong Balado is a tad bit spicier than the Cah Buncis with it’s spicy red capsicum and chilli sauce giving you a small chilli kick, complementing well with the smooth and soft textures of the eggplant.

IMG_6902Cah Buncis


Terong Balado

I must admit that it is also hard to find places in “overpriced” Perth with decent prices for good food. As it was our first visit to Sparrow, we were also given a 10% discount! How awesome is that! Sparrow Indonesian is definitely one go to place in Perth for delicious, value for money Indonesian food. It’s cheap and cheerful. I’m already looking forward to be back to try their beef rendang.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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