It’s a summer oasis at Koko Black

Recently, Koko Black launched their new summer oasis range of desserts and I was invited to come in to a salon and have a tasting of their latest desserts. I chose to go to Koko Black Claremont Quarter on a Friday afternoon for my afternoon sweet fix and to do some shopping after. Yes, I’ll admit I have a sweet tooth.

FIrst up was the Raspberry Chocolate Dome ($10.50) which consists of milk chocolate and raspberry puree mousse with Madagascan vanilla custard and a liquid raspberry centre. How yum does that sound already! As delicious as it sounds, it was also presented beautifully when it arrived to our table with attention to detail. One spoonful through the raspberry puree mousse was soft and smooth, complementing well with the milk chocolate. It was so decadent!


Raspberry Dome

Next up was the Mango and Vanilla Spectacular ($9.50) which comprised of vanilla bean ice cream, mango coulis and caramelised coconut crumble. This was probably one of our favourites! The mango coulis was smooth, fruity and refreshing. Put it together with the vanilla bean ice cream and caramelised coconut crumble and you will get a tropical party on your tastebuds. It is for sure a mango and vanilla spectacular that definitely shouts summer!


Mango and Vanilla Spectacular

We also shared the Dessert Degustation ($26). The Dessert Degustation is perfect for two which includes the Chocolate Alchemy Cake, Raspberry Mousse, Chocolate Hazelnut Cluster, Belgian Mousse and Chocolate Ice Cream. If you can’t decide what to order, the dessert degustation is perfect, giving you a range of Koko Black desserts to try. It is hard to pick which is my favourite because they were all oh so good. There is just so much chocolatey goodness that I was taken to chocolate heaven! Pure indulgence.


Dessert Degustation

Raspberries and chocolate again? I think you might have already picked it up from here that I love raspberries. So, if you are a fan of raspberries like me, you will love the Iced Chocolate with Raspberry Puree ($8.50). Smooth sweet textures of raspberry puree and rich, creamy ice chocolate? I’m sure it can’t get better than this!


Iced Chocolate with Raspberry Puree

If you are at Koko Black, don’t forget to give the Salted Caramel Ice Chocolate a try from the Summer Oasis range because I heard it is amazing. I wish I could give it a try during my visit but unfortunately, I was too full after! Looks like I will definitely be back to Koko Black to get my sweet fix from the Summer Oasis range. To all the sweet tooths out there, I highly recommend you to go and check out Koko Black’s latest summer oasis range as they are only available for a limited time!

I would like to thank Koko Black and Be Known Agency for the invitation to sample the Summer Oasis range. I had a great, enjoyable and very indulgent experience. 🙂

Koko Black Claremont on Urbanspoon


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