The Grain Store

Melbourne is famous for its many little cafes – some hidden and some well known. On our very first day in Melbourne before embarking on our adventure to the Shrine of Rememberance and Royal Botanic Gardens, my two travel buddies, Ruiqi and Val and I head over to The Grain Store for a hearty breakfast to pump some fuel and give a kickstart to the morning.

I had the the Chocolate French Toast with Pomegranate Puree ($20) from the Specials of the Day. The french toast was soft, fluffy and very light in chocolate flavour. The pomegranate puree was smooth and creamy, with an occasional crunch in between and was fresh in flavour, complementing well with the french toast. Overall, the dish had a good balance of sweetness together with a lovely balance of flavours.


 Chocolate French Toast with Pomegranate Puree

Ruiqi had the Portobello Mushroom and Gruyere Potato Rosti ($19) which also consists of poached eggs, hazelnut hollandaise and root chips. According to Ruiqi, the mushrooms were cooked properly and the eggs were poached well to perfection. The dish also came with a generous portion of salad. Of all the elements, the highlight of the dish was the potato rosti – it was deliciously soft in the inside with a little crisp on the outside.


Portobello Mushroom and Gruyere Potato Rosti

Val had the Smoked Salmon Omelette and Grilled Sourdough ($20) which also comprises of orange fennel, paprika piperade, mustard leaves and crispy quinoa. According to Val, the omelette was soft and tasty together with the freshness from the smoked salmon. The dish had a lovely punch of flavours which complements well with each element on the dish. Some of the highlights of the individual elements that made this dish a success was the tomato sauce giving a punch of acidity to the omelette, the crunchy quinoa and the sweet onions which marries well with the other flavours of the dish.


Smoked Salmon Omelette and Grilled Sourdough

At the end we were very full and satisfied with our hearty breakfast at The Grain Store. Although it was a rainy morning in Melbourne, I am glad that we beat the rain to have an early breakfast at The Grain Store. The decor at The Grain Store is simple but the atmosphere is homely, bright and lively together with friendly service from the staff. With so much variety in the menu at The Grain Store, it’s definitely hard to choose what to order as everything looks good. Looks like The Grain Store will be a calling for my next visit to Melbourne!

Oh, and did I forget to mention that coffee is excellent here too?

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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