A few weeks ago I was contacted by Camille, the co-founder of VizEat. The philosophy of VizEat is to bring people from different cultures to try different food by hosts locally or at a foreign country. When I first heard about VizEat, I thought that this was a fantastic idea to bridge the gap and open our eyes to different cuisines from different cultures locally or in another country and perhaps to budding chefs out there, you can also show off your cooking skills too!

So what exactly is VizEat? VizEat is an online, global community for people to share and sample a great and authentic meal in a local’s home. Whether you are a tourist in a foreign country or a local wanting to try something new and different, VizEat brings and connects people together to share a convivial experience. From Europe to Asia, VizEat provides the opportunity for both the host and guest to discover a new meal, new culture or even make new friends under the concept of meal sharing. Did you know that meal sharing is more manageable than apartment sharing or couch surfing?

So if you say…I would definitely love to share a meal with others. What will I need? Simple. All you need is a dining table and a sprinkle of imagination! Breakfast, dinner, lunch, brunch or aperitif? It’s your choice – you decide!

VizEat comprises of a diverse and motivated community where members, whether host or guest, come from all walks of life with a passion for food, cooking, travelling, meeting new people and sharing their language and culture. The VizEat experiences are arranged between the host and the guests, personalised to the preferences of the host and needs of the guest. On the VizEat website, guests will be able to browse and find events, detailed profiles of hosts and ideas of meals.

Setting up a VizEat account is easy and secure. All you have to do is to create a profile and a meal and the price, date(s) and meals are set by the host. As a host, you get 100% of the price you set for your experience. Reservation is simple – if you are a guest interested in a meal, the host receives a booking request from the guest that he or she is free to accept or decline. All the formalities such as reservations, payments and insurance are taken care of by the VizEat team. Once reservation is confirmed, the host and guest are free to communicate to each other via private messaging. Dietary restrictions? Yes, they can be respected by some hosts. Insurance (from Lloyd’s) of up to 100,000 Euros is also included in case of damages or illness.

If you are planning to travel around the world, sharing an authentic meal will also help you to discover and learn about a new culture by meeting people and building friendships.

What are you waiting for? Create a profile now at the VizEat website and you will be ready to share a meal with others or perhaps try something new too!




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