The Flour Factory

The Flour Factory is a tribute to the building’s humble beginnings as a flour mill in the 1900’s which includes a bakery and butchery. From Luxe Bar, Varnish on Kind to Darlings Supper Club, The Flour Factory is Andy Freeman’s latest venture and is new to the Perth dining scene. As I received an invitation to attend a blogger event at Flour Factory with a guest, I was over the moon and excited because I have heard pretty good reviews about it!

This was my first time at The Flour Factory and for the blogger event, we were taken upstairs to the rooftop bar to dine and enjoy the night under the stars with a nice, cool breeze. I loved how exclusive and private the rooftop bar was and the atmosphere was really lovely with a vertical garden on one of the walls and exposed bricks.

To start off the night, Jess and I had the Cobble and Sgroppino Cocktail. The Cobble consists of Amontillado, Hennessy VS, maraschino, gomme, berries, & peach bitters, served over rocks with fresh mint, blueberries and orange oil. I had The Cobble and it was strong in flavour with a nice balance of sweetness from the maraschino.

The Sgroppino is a Tosti Dry Vermouth whisked with lemon sorbet, aromatic Peychauds bitters, and prosecco which was serve in a frosty flute with fresh thyme. Jess had the Sgroppino and she enjoyed it. It was light, bubbly, sweet and very refreshing.


(Left to Right) Cobble and Sgropinno

While enjoying our drinks, having a chat to other bloggers and hearing a speech from owners and team members about The Flour Factory, we were treated to platters of food. From listening to the speeches, I must say that there are a lot of exciting things coming our way that we can expect from the Flour Factory. So yes, watch out for this space!

We were offered lots of food on that night and were so full – from Meats, Cheese and Hot Dogs. For the meats on offer to us, we had the Ruliano Prosciutto Di Parma, Jamon Serrano and Loganiza Negra which are International Meats. For the House Made Meats at The Flour Factory , we were offered Pancetta, Lambcetta, Spiced Veal Tongue, Bresaola, House Smoked Bacon and Head Bacon. I loved all of the meats that were offered to us and thought that they each hold a very unique and special flavour. My favourite was definitely (which I am sure most bloggers would agree too) is the Lambcetta. It was delicious and full of flavour. I wished that I could have more but unfortunately, the Lambcetta was the most popular meat on that night.


RULIANO PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA – Considered to be the finest brand of Prosciutto in Italy. Ruliano pick the finest pigs reared in the Po Valley. Their Ham making process needs only pure sea salt and time.

JAMON SERRANO – This ham comes from white pigs from Eastern Spain. It’s rubbed in sea salt and left to hang in mountainous regions.


LOGANIZA NEGRA – A very coarsely ground, dry cured sausage with a sweet pork and pepper flavor, darkened with squid ink.


PANCETTA – Linley Valley pork belly cured with Black pepper and secret flavours.

LAMBCETTA – Cured lamb flap with garlic, rosemary and thyme flavours. 

SPICED VEAL TONGUE – Dry cured.  Spiced veal tongue. Cured and hung for over a month.

BRESAOLA – Italian cured beef. Hung with our mix of herbs and spices.

HOUSE SMOKED BACON – House smoked, maple cured belly bacon cooked until crispy.

HEAD BACON – De-boned pig head stuffed with house bacon and bratwurst.

Apart from meats, we were also offered Cheese! As I am not really a huge fan of cheese, I must say that the Cheese at The Flour Factory was really good. We had the Saporini Di Langa, Pont L’Eveque, Perla Nera Al Tartufo, Cropwell Bishop Stilton and Extravagant Triple Cream. I couldn’t remember which cheese was which but I knew I had the Extravagant Triple Cream which was rich, creamy and full of cheesy goodness. It just simply melts in your mouth.



SAPORINI DI LANGA Cow, goat and sheep milk blend from Italy. An extremely soft cheese wth a melted ice cream texture. Delicate and creamy flavours with a slight tang.

PONT L’EVEQUE Cows milk from France. Buttery and warm savoury flavours with a tangy and fruity finish. Soft texture with a pungent aroma.

PERLA NERA AL TARTUFO Sheeps milk from Italy. Earthy and savoury flavours with a slightly salty finish. Hard and crumbly texture with a beautiful truffle aroma.

CROPWELL BISHOP STILTON Cow’s milk from England’s only name-protected cheese. Full, rich and creamy with complex flavours of honey, leather, tobacco and molasses and a spicy aroma.

EXTRAVAGANT TRIPLE CREAM Cow’s milk from Australia. An outstanding triple cream cheese from Timbon. Creamy and mild with a slight bite.

After some decadent platters of meats and cheese, platters of Hot Dogs were brought out. We were offered the Brat which consists of Flour Factory’s Bratwurst which comes with homemade sauerkraut and dill pickle and Choripan, which consists of Flour Factory’s Chorizo, chimmichuri and crispy onion. I tried both the Brat and Choripan and the sausages were well seasoned, flavoursome and juicy. Now I know why everyone is raving about the Hot Dogs at The Flour Factory.





The feast does not end here. To finish off, we were offered desserts. I was definitely taken to dessert heaven here. If you love your desserts, dessert at The Flour Factory will make you weak in the knees. We were offered Orange and Lemon Curd Cake, Momofuku Crack Pie, Valrhona Caramel Slice, Valrhona Chocolate Cake and Mac-Lairs.

When the desserts first arrived, I went straight for the Mac-Lairs. A Mac-Lair is a macaron and eclair hybrid. I picked the Strawberry flavoured Mac-Lair was very happy with my choice. It was light in flavour, creamy in the middle and surrounded by a light crunch on the outside. I tried the other desserts that were offered and thought that they were all equally good.




 MAC-LAIRS – A macaron and éclair hybrid. Strawberry, peanut butter, salted caramel, coffee and Valrhona Caramelia 36%, and Valrhona Dulcey 32%


Orange and Lemon Curd Cake garnished with a candied orange.


Momofuku Crack Pie – Flour Factory’s take on the Momofuku Crack Pie. 7 sugars and oats.


Valrhona Caramel Slice – Guanaja 70% dark chocolate, milk, and golden syrup.


Valrhona Chocolate Cake – Valrhona Opalys 33% chocolate ganache and salted caramel

The Flour Factory has definitely started off with a bang in the Perth food and drink dining scene with quality and delicious food. Jess and I would like to thank the team at The Flour Factory and David Gardiner PR for the invitation to the event and for treating us to a great night with good food and cocktails. We were so full after and we did took home a few sweet treats for our families to enjoy.  It was such an enjoyable night!

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