Beer 101 at The Brisbane Hotel

A few weeks ago, I was invited to enrol in Beer School by local brewers, Little Creatures at The Brisbane Hotel. I was excited to see what The Brisbane has to offer for this round at Beer School after attending their popular Roast and Red Night in winter.

Beer School took place at the beer garden and it was such a lovely day to sit outside and learn a bit or two about beer. It was actually a perfect day for a beer! While learning about the history of beer and tasting some of the essential ingredients used to make beer, we were also offered cold glasses of pale ale from their current batch to start. It was light and bubbly which made it easy to drink and a great thirst quencher (I have actually never managed to finish a whole glass of beer to myself but I actually did at The Brisbane just because it was so easy to drink!) Oh and we also got to do a hands on session after the fun theory component! (We had a very enthusiastic speaker!)




After beer school, it was time for dinner! As we were seated in the long table with other bloggers, we had the opportunity to try a variety of food from The Brisbane’s spring menu. It was a feast!

I sat together with fellow bloggers, iMasticate and Queen of Bad Timing and their partners, chatting the night away and sharing our foodie experiences with each other. To start, we had the Chicken Liver Parfait, fig and pear chutney and baguette ($17). The chicken liver parfait was smooth and fresh, complementing well with the baguette and tangy and sweet textures from the fig and pear chutney.


Chicken Liver Parfait, fig and pear chutney, baguette

We were presented with a board consisting of Veal meatballs, chorizo, mixed olives and polenta chips ($23). I enjoyed the Veal Meatballs and thought that it was flavoursome and well seasoned. The chorizo was perfect – it was chewy but not too hard and definitely not overcooked. But what stood out from this share plate was definitely the golden polenta chips. It was deliciously crisp and fluffy. The olives were also a fresh addition to the board.


Veal meatballs, chorizo, mixed olives and polenta chips

The Pizza Bianca also came with a trio of dips which were capsicum, hummus and beetroot ($21). The bread had a lovely flavour from the rosemary and salt. I’m a fan of rosemary and I think adding rosemary to a dish is like a cherry on top – adding a punch of flavour and fragrance to a dish. I tried all three of the dips and they were all fresh and flavourful.


Pizza bianca and house made trio of dips

Last but not least, was the Salt and Pepper squid with Lemon Aioli ($17). The last time I was here for the Roast and Red Night, I also had the Salt and Pepper Squid to share. Compared to my last visit, it was consistent. The salt and pepper squid at The Brisbane is not crunchy, but it’s light and fluffy with a nice hint of salt and pepper on top. Put together with the creamy lemon aioli and you will have the perfect snack!


Salt and pepper squid and lemon aioli

Not long after finishing Round 1 of our starters to share, here’s Round 2 – the Mains! I had the 300gm Eye Fillet, Italian coleslaw, fries and bearnaise ($40).  It was tender, succulent and juicy from the lovely pink colour in the middle. The Italian Coleslaw was fresh and crispy. Oh and not forgetting the crunchy textures of the chips with the thick and creamy bearnaise sauce. It was heavenly.


Eye Fillet 300gm, Italian coleslaw, fries and bearnaise

A few of us had pretty similar dishes to what we ordered. Looking at my neighbour, Queen of Bad Timing, she had the Asparagus, lemon, baby pea and feta risotto ($26) which looked lovely and creamy. iMasticate ordered the Homemade prawn and barramundi tortellini, grilled tiger prawns, saffron bisque ($32). I had a taste of one of the tortellinis which I was offered by iMasticate. It was huge, cooked perfectly to al dente and was filled with flavoursome seafood. The saffron bisque was rich and marries well with the flavours of the tortellini. To complement our mains, we decided to share a side of Brocollini, green beans, toasted almonds, lemon and herb crumb ($14).


Asparagus, lemon, baby pea and feta risotto


Homemade prawn and barramundi tortellini, grilled tiger prawns, saffron bisque


Brocollini, green beans, toasted almonds, lemon and herb crumb

I was so full after my finishing my Eye Fillet steak but luckily, I still have some room left for dessert. To finish off, I shared a Pavlova, mango, strawberry and double cream ($15). The pavlova was huge – it was definitely worth sharing it with someone! It was melt in your mouth amazing and the mango and strawberry gave a fruity flavour to the pavlova. With each spoonful, I could not stop digging into the pavlova – Yes, I was addicted and in just a few minutes, we managed to finish the pavlova! HURRAH for teamwork!


Pavlova, passionfruit, mango and double cream

Queen of Bad Timing and her partner shared the Raspberry and Panna Cotta trifle, almond praline ($15). Like the pavlova, it was generous in serving and definitely a must share dessert! It looks smooth from the top and the almond praline also looks crunchy. iMasticate had a Cheese Selection (50 grams for $10) which comes with wafer thin crackers, thin crisp bread and chutney. I could not remember if I had a taste of the cheese or not but I know that my fellow bloggers and their partners enjoyed the soft and hard cheese.


Raspberry and Panna Cotta trifle, almond praline


Cheese Selection

This was my second visit to The Brisbane and I left feeling very satisfied once again from the food and of course, beer. I would like to thank David Gardiner PR, Little Creatures and The Brisbane Hotel for hosting and having us for Beer School and for the delicious feast after!

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2 thoughts on “Beer 101 at The Brisbane Hotel

    1. I really enjoyed that night too! It was so much fun! That is so true. I was so full after that night and same with the Roast and Red night too. They really love spoiling us, don’t they? 😉

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