PappaRich Northbridge

PappaRich has finally arrived in Perth and is a newbie on the Perth dining scene. It’s the first outlet in Western Australia too, along with 10 outlets operating in other Australian states. Established in 2005 with its first restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and today, PappaRich has expanded across Malaysia and internationally. (Yep believe me, it’s everywhere in Malaysia!) PappaRich also boasts an extensive menu with a variety of dishes to choose from. Oh and their menu comes with mouthwatering photos too. From Malaysian classics like Nasi Lemak and Satays to Roti Canai, PappaRich caters for all tastes and palates.

PappaRich has a unique ordering system which may be new to some of us. There is a notepad and a pencil placed at each table. All you have to do is to write down the menu item from the menu, the quantity and additional remarks such as extras. Once you have written down and decided what to order, press the button on the table and let the staff know that you are ready for them to take your order. It’s simple and efficient.

For our drinks, Matt and I decided to go for the Iced Teh Tarik ($3.90) and the Milo Dinosaur ($4.90). Having Milo Dinosaur will always bring back the nostalgia of my childhood days spent in Malaysia before migrating to Perth such as going to mamak stalls at night to have supper with my family whenever we feel hungry.


Iced Teh Tarik

IMG_5858Milo Dinosaur

Matt and I ordered and shared a Roti Telur ($7.90), Roti Telur Bawang Beef Rendang ($13.90), Satay Mixed ($22.90), Pappa Special Briyani Rice ($15.90), Pappa Special Nasi Lemak ($15.90), Beef Rendang ($7.90), Seafood Curry Laksa ($14.90) and Pappa ABC with Green Tea Ice Cream ($9.90)

The Roti was soft and fluffy with a bit of a crisp on the outside. A great complement to the Roti was the beef rendang. The beef rendang was tender and flavoursome. It was executed well. Oh and not forgetting the curries which goes together with the Roti. One of them has a great chili kick – I’m sure you can tell which one from the photo. Next to arrive on our table was the Mixed Satay which consists of 6 satay sticks of chicken and 6 satay sticks of beef. My verdict? I loved the satays and thought that they were delicious! The meat itself on the sticks were not too chunky and the satay overall had a nice aroma to it.


Roti Telur


Roti Telur Bawang Beef Rendang


Beef Rendang


Satay Mixed (12 pcs)

Here is Matt’s review of the Pappa Special Nasi Lemak – The nasi lemak overall had great presentation. The curry chicken was tender and cooked to perfection. It was a truly authentic dish and would recommend it to anyone who’s trying this place out. I had the Pappa Special Briyani Rice with Sambal Eggplant, Fried Chicken and Sambal Prawns. The briyani rice was fluffy and fragrant. The Sambal Eggplant and Sambal Prawns gave a hint of chili kick to the dish and the fried chicken was crispy, marrying the dish as a whole together.


Pappa Special Biryani Rice


Pappa Special Nasi Lemak

We also shared a Seafood Curry Laksa with mussels, prawns, eggplants, tofu puffs, foo chok (beancurd skin), fish cake and bean sprouts.  The Curry Laksa was quite authentic and there was a generous amount of fresh seafood swimming in the sea of spicy coconut gravy and yellow noodles. It was lovely.


Seafood Curry Laksa

You must be thinking have these two finished eating yet? Nope, the feast does not end here. To finish off, we shared the Pappa ABC with Premium Ice Cream. We were also given a choice to choose from between green tea and vanilla, so went for green tea instead. The ABC has most of your usual suspects in it, corn, cincau, lychee, red bean, you name it. It was a refreshing ending to our Malaysian feast.


Pappa ABC with Green Tea Ice Cream

I have been to a PappaRich restaurant before during one of my annual holidays to KL and I would say this is pretty similar to PappaRich back home. Matt and I enjoyed our PappaRich experience from the start to the end. The service was very efficient and friendly as not long after we placed our order, our food arrived promptly and our table was soon filled with food. PappaRich Northbridge has a casual and simple interior while retaining a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. The open plan layout allows you to take in the aroma of flavourful Malaysian food while watching the chefs in action. Whether it is a casual catch up with friends or a meal with the family, it will always be a Malaysian feast at PappaRich.

Matt and I really did have a very indulgent Malaysian feast. Well, maybe more like a Malaysian food marathon and we went home feeling satisfied and very very full from the delicious food at PappaRich Northbridge. It was our pleasure to be invited to dine at PappaRich and we would like to thank Wasamedia and PappaRich for the opportunity to feast Malay style at PappaRich Northbridge.

Oh and if you are living down south, PappaRich is opening its doors next at Carousel in a few months time!

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