Good Food and Wine Show 2014

A few weeks ago just before the Good Food and Wine Show, I received an invitation for a guest and I to attend a pre-show cooking class with My Kitchen Rules Season 2 winners Sammy and Bella as a part of Perth’s Good Food and Wine Show. When I saw the invitation, I received it with open arms and replied with a huge YES!

Matt and I arrived at Perth Convention Centre bright and early at 8.30 am to attend the cooking class at 8.45 am. We learnt how to cook Seadas, a Sardinian breakfast from scratch. Seadas are a cheese filled breakfast pastry that pairs the sweetness of honey with the saltiness of pecorino cheese. Oh and guess who else were at the cooking class? The girls from the WA team of MKR Season 5, Chloe and Kelly!


 With Chloe and Kelly from MKR Season 5 and Sammy and Bella from MKR Season 2


Basically the Seadas are quite easy to make. It has been a while since the cooking class but I think the only pressure points would be crimping the pastry to make it look dainty and delicate. Oh and be generous when you are putting the ricotta cheese in the pastry. 🙂 Want to learn how to make the Seadas at home?  Check out my fellow food blogger, Life of Pia who has posted the Seadas recipe on her blog 🙂 Don’t forget to drizzle some honey on your Seadas and make sure  have a nice cup of coffee with it. YUM!


 Our Seadas were a success!

The next part of our foodie adventure at The Good Food and Wine Show…

After taking a walk around and watching a cooking demonstration by George Calombaris, we are back for Round 2 at Casa Barilla Cooking School. We learnt how to prepare and cook Casarecce with Italian Sausages and Winter Vegetables, a classic Italian pasta dish from Barilla’s Executive Chef.  Unfortunately, Matt and I were too excited and we had forgotten to take home the recipe!! To all you home cooks, luckily, I found a Youtube video uploaded by Barilla on cooking the Casarecce with Winter Vegetables and Ricotta Sauce. Enjoy and I hope you give it a try!





 Our end product – Casarecce with Italian Sausages and Winter Vegetables for lunch! YUM!

After indulging in our yummy end product, we commence our foodie adventure once again, sampling biltongs, yoghurt, honey cake, some super spicy chili sauces up to a spicyness rating of 15/10 (not for the faint hearted), alpacas, cheese, nudie juices and ice cream. We also watched Matt Stone and the enthusiastic Miguel Maestre cook up a storm at The Good Food Theatre. Matt and I had a fun filled and foodie day out at The Good Food and Wine Show this year. Bring on Good Food and Wine Show 2015!

Missed out on The Good Food and Wine Show this year in Perth? The next Good Food and Wine Show is on the 17-19th of October in Brisbane. Can’t make it to Brisbane? Don’t worry, there’s always be next year 🙂

Matt and I would like to thank Rebekka Wake from Bite Communications for the invitation to attend the pre show cooking class and the pasta cooking class by Barilla.


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