Ace Pizza

Located along Beaufort Street, Highgate is Ace Pizza. One step inside and you are transported to a pizza parlour in New York with its great fitout, dim lighting and green neon flashes. It was funky and urban – a perfect place to catch up with my friends over dinner.

We had the Fried Mac n Cheese ($7) to start off with. I thought that the Mac n Cheese was really delicious. As it was deep fried to perfection, there was a crunch with every bite with the soft and cheesy textures of Mac n Cheese on the inside. Ahh heavenly.


Fried Mac n Cheese

For the Pizzas, we had the…..


 Fungo Magico ($21) –  mushrooms, mozarella and thyme


 Mr Federico ($20) – artichoke, garlic, pecorino and rocket pesto


P.R.E.A.M. ($25) – north west prawns, lemon ricotta, spinach, san marzano tomato and mozarella

Here is what my partner and friends thought about Ace Pizza:

Matt: “The pizza’s doughs were chewy and yum. The toppings generally worked well together”

Chloe : “I thought that it was quite tasty but probably for the price, they should have more variety of ingredients. My favourite pizza of the night was the rocket one, just because I’m a sucker for pesto hahaha”

Valerie: “I think Ace Pizza was not bad but the ingredients can be fresher and tastier.”

Siti: “Yeah I think Ace Pizza was alright but it would be better if they had more ingredients for the price.”

My opinion? I thought that Ace Pizza was interesting and that the pizzas were delicious. The best part about Ace Pizza is that it is not only a restaurant dedicated to Pizza. If you don’t feel like pizza (I have never heard and it is very rare that people don’t feel like having pizza) there are also other food on their menu which I think it is worth trying. For me, I think I will be back to find out more on what Ace Pizza can offer. 🙂

Mel’s Rating : mmm (good)

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2 thoughts on “Ace Pizza

    1. yeah i didn’t end up having desserts 😦 oh well, I’ll have to get it next time when I’m back at Ace. Would really love to try it though!

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