Moore & Moore

And so, the adventures to find hidden gems in Fremantle begins again.

Another one of the cafes that has been on my wishlist for a while is Moore & Moore. With its mismatched furnitures and vintage decorations, Moore & Moore is one quirky cafe situated in the Moore’s Building at the heart of Fremantle.



I had the Smashed New Potato Rosti ($21) which consists of mustard seed, spinach, romano cheese potato rosti topped with a poached egg, avocado, green olive and caper salsa rocket and tomato relish. I fell in love with my dish immediately. The tastiness of the potato rosti topped with the oozing yellow liquid, made the dish a matchmake in heaven. It was bursting with flavour.


Smashed New Potato Rosti

Dad had the Burnt Butter, Sage and  Roast Pumpkin Mash ($16.50) which comes with two poached eggs, rocket and tomato relish on crispy turkish toast. As dad loves his bacon, he decided to add bacon on top which incurred an extra $3. Dad enjoyed his dish and thought that the pumpkin mash was very smooth and creamy. The bacon was also cooked perfectly to crisp. Overall, the burnt butter, sage and roast pumpkin mash complemented each other well, making it a lovely dish.


Burnt Butter, Sage and Roast Pumpkin Mash

Mum had the Sliced Avocado with poached eggs on turkish toast ($15.50) with roast tomato chutney, rocket and cherry tomato.  The dish looked very fresh and there was a generous amount of avocado. Mum thought that it was very delicious too and there was a mediterranean feel to the dish with its turkish toast and tomato chutney. It was indeed a fresh dish to start off the day.


Sliced Avocado with poached eggs on turkish toast

To finish, we decided to share a cake and have some coffee. I had the Honeycomb Affogato ($5.50) and we decided to have a lemon cake to share. Mum and dad had the latte and they thought that it was very good. For a sweet start to the day, the Honeycomb Affogato was perfect and the lemon cake was beautiful where an essence of lemon comes with every bite.


Honeycomb Affogato


Lemon cake

Overall, it was not hard for us to find a table although we were there on a Saturday.  But I do hear that it can get crowded sometimes too, judging by how popular Moore and Moore is around the area. If you are looking for more seats, do check out the courtyard behind too if you want to soak up some sunshine (as long as it’s not too hot!).

With a really lovely atmosphere, delicious food, friendly staff and a great service, I am going to give Moore & Moore an mmmm. Yes please! I would love more of Moore & Moore!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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4 thoughts on “Moore & Moore

  1. Very nice! Damn I am envious when I see people go all about Fremantle to eat! I live east so I never travel to Freo because its too far! But with x-wray, ootong and lincoln, moore and moore, and a long list more, it feels like i am missing out big time :)!

    1. Thanks WenY! 🙂 I live up north but we only go down to Freo on alternate weekends. The food scene in Freo is emerging. I did not realise that there were so many good cafes there apart from seafood and fish and chips haha! It’s time for you to make a trip down to Freo soon! 🙂

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