Hippo Creek African Grill

From its days as a small restaurant located in Scarborough to its opening in Breakwater at Hilarys, my family and I have patronized Hippo Creek for 7 years since its location at Scarborough. Now, Hippo Creek has opened at two locations. One in Subiaco and another one at Waterford. Hippo Creek is still famous for its steak and ribs especially the 2kg Rump Challenge! (It used to be 1kg, but recently, it seems like the bar has been raised to 2kg!) I dare you to take up the challenge if you have one monster of an appetite.

As usual for our starters, we ordered and shared the Mud Huts ($15) which are button mushrooms filled with cream cheese, spinach and semi dried tomato, crumbed and finished with garlic aioli dipping sauce. This starter has been a favourite of my family for years. The mushrooms, as usual are delicious! We ordered another starter which was the Chicken Liver Parfait with red onion jam, toasted rye bread and truffle butter ($14)  from the Dinner Special. My family and I enjoyed the Chicken Liver Parfait and thought that it was very smooth and complements the red onion jam and rye bread well.


Mud Huts


Chicken Liver Parfait

For the mains, I ordered the Hunters Assaghai 350g ($36). The Hunters Assaghai consists of marinated cubes of rump on a skewer hanging over a bowl of fries with a choice of garlic butter or peri peri butter dripping down served with a side of salad. I chose the garlic butter sauce. The rump was cooked perfectly to medium and was very tender. The best part of the Hunters Assaghai was the chips. This is where the garlic butter sauce dips down the skewer and soaks your fries, giving it a great garlic buttery flavour. The Hunters Assaghai also comes in 500g so the one I got was actually a smaller version of the 500g Hunters Assaghai!

IMG_3390 Hunters Assaghai

My dad ordered the 300g Sirloin Wagyu ($66) and he chose a side serve of baked potato and sour cream. There are a few variety of sauces to choose from to complement your steak from garlic butter, creamy garlic, monkey gland, mixed peppercorn, mushroom, peri-peri, blue cheese and garlic or a trio of mustards and truffled Dijon. My dad picked the monkey gland for the sauce (This sauce does not involve any monkeys!). The Monkey Gland sauce is a tangy sauce, popular in South Africa which includes a blend of fruits and spices. The taste, I would say is pretty similar to barbeque sauce. I had a taste test of dad’s Sirloin Wagyu and it was very juicy and tender.


Sirloin Wagyu

Mum had the 500g Beef Spare Ribs ($39). The Beef Spare Ribs are glazed by Hippo Creek’s own home made basting served with fries. I had some of the Spare Ribs and it was very good. The home made basting gave the spare ribs its tangy flavour and it is finger licking good!


Beef Spare Ribs

After our meat-y mains, we still had some room for dessert. So I had the Traditional South African Milk Tart ($11) with spiced pineapple compote and candied orange zest and mum had the Dessert Special which was the Chili Chocolate Samosas ($13) with caramel ice cream and chili syrup. The Traditional South African Milk Tart was not too sweet and I thought it was just nice as the flavours blended quite well. I did not try mum’s chili chocolate samosas but from mum’s review, she thought that it was a great dessert but a bit on a sweeter side. It wasn’t too spicy too.


Traditional South African Milk Tart


Chili Chocolate Samosas

From the days when it was located at Scarborough, Hippo Creek has maintained its standards of its steaks and ribs ever since. The meats as usual, were all executed well. Service was efficient and friendly. If you are a carnivore and you love your meat, Hippo Creek is the place you want to be.

You can use your Entertainment Gold Card here if you have one and you will be able to get a discount 🙂

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)
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