V Burger Bar

Just after the Fitness Show last weekend, mum and I decided to head to V Burger Bar for lunch at Floreat Forum so we could use our Entertainment Book voucher. I have heard many good reviews of V Burger Bar and thought that it was perfect to give it a try. There are two V Burger Bar restaurants in Perth. One in Victoria Park and another one close to my place which is in Floreat Forum.

It was a bit hard to decide what to order as the choices on the menu looks yummy! At the end, I settled for the F.B.A. (Full Blooded Aussie) ($14.50). The F.B.A. is one of the classic V burgers which consists of melted cheddar, bacon, fried egg, sliced beetroot and barbecue sauce. The F.B.A was deliciously good. It was full of flavour with a generous amount of ingredients. When my burger first arrived, I had to think of an action plan on how to eat it as I could not open my mouth that big but nevertheless, I got my hands down and dirty and ate like no one is watching. It was pure goodness.


F.B.A (Full Blooded Aussie)

Mum ordered the Eggy Steaky ($16) which consists of a juicy and tender steak, creamy Tasmanian brie, fried egg, Spanish onion jam, tomato, mixed gourmet lettuce and aioli. To accompany our burgers, we also ordered a side of battered chips ($4). According to mum, she really enjoyed the Eggy Steaky and thought that it was very tasty. Just like the F.B.A, it was generous in portion.


Eggy Steaky



After finishing our burgers and chips, mum and I were really full and we enjoyed our hearty lunch at V Burger Bar.  Although V Burger Bar was a bit busy when we arrived, the service was quick, friendly and efficient. It seems like V Burger bar has made it to my “Favourite places to go for Burgers” list. V Burger Bar also sells an assortment of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. So if you still have room in your stomach, why not finish it off with some Ben and Jerry’s? 😉

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

V Burger Bar - Floreat on Urbanspoon


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