Piccolo’s Corner

After finishing a great BodyCombat workout, I decide to head to Piccolo’s Corner for brunch and coffee with mum and dad. As I am always doing “research” on Urbanspoon, I stumbled upon Piccolo’s Corner which had good reviews from the Urbanspoon community. Piccolo’s Corner is tucked in the suburb of West Leederville and is only a few minutes from Subiaco and Wembley. The cafe was not busy when we arrived probably because the Footy Finals were on and most people were at home watching the game. When we bumped into one of mum’s gym friend there, she told us that Piccolo’s Corner serves good coffee and that during that hour when we were there, it is usually busy!




I really love the decorations and vintage look which makes Piccolo’s Corner homely, unique and quirky. We had a choice of sitting at the courtyard or inside. As it was a bit chilly, we decided to sit inside but I had a look at the courtyard and it was beautiful and cosy. It looks like a great place to catch up with friends and chill out.



I ordered the Piccolo’s Breakfast ($17.50). It came with free range poached eggs with bacon, avocado and spicy capsicum relish served on toasted ciabatta. The Piccolo’s Breakfast was executed perfectly, with the poached eggs being cooked perfectly with that oozing yellow liquid of goodness. I love the spicy capsicum relish and I thought that it blended well with the whole dish overall. It was indeed a great post BodyCombat workout meal.


Piccolo’s Breakfast ($17.50)

Mum ordered the Smashed Pea and Avocado with Lime, Smoked Salmon, Balsamic Glaze, Rocket Salad and a Poached Egg with Toasted Ciabatta ($18.50). When I go out with my parents, we always rotate our dishes so each of us get to have a little taste test of what we ordered. I enjoyed mum’s dish as well and thought that it was very fresh and full of flavour.


Smashed Pea and Avocado with Lime and Smoked Salmon

From the recommendation of the staff, dad ordered the Smashed Pumpkin, Danish Fetta and Wilted Spinach on Toasted Ciabatta with Homemade Pesto and Poached egg ($17.50). The smashed pumpkin dish was as good as the other dishes we ordered and I can see why the smashed pumpkin dish is very popular. The Homemade Pesto was perfect and complements the dish well.


Smashed Pumpkin, Danish Fetta and Wilted Spinach

After a very satisfying lunch, we decided to order some coffee and cake. The cakes looked very tempting and I could not decide which cake to get. In the end, we settled for the Orange and Almond cake ($7.50) and the Mixed Berry and Almond Polenta ($7.50). My verdict? The cakes were amazing! There was a perfect balance to it and it was not overly sweet. I highly recommend you to order the cakes too when you have coffee. For all those coffee lovers, Piccolo’s Corner do serve good and quality coffee too.


Mixed Berry and Almond Polenta


Orange and Almond cake

My family and I enjoyed dining at Piccolo’s Corner and will definitely be back in the future. The service was friendly and efficient. If you are one of those who love having a good breakfast to start off their day or a delicious brunch or lunch, I highly recommend this hidden gem to you for delicious, simple and homely food. One tip that I should let you know before coming is that Piccolo’s Corner only takes cash, so make sure you bring some cash along when you want to visit Piccolo’s.

Mel’s Rating: mmmm (excellent)

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